Silvio Berlusconi and Vladimir Putin together on the bed

As a sign of the long-standing strong male friendship between Silvio Berlusconi and President Putin, the former Italian prime minister gave the Russian leader a duvet cover decorated with life-size images of both of them on his 65th birthday, writes The Times.

«This is not the first time that two men have paid attention to each other’s bedding,» the authors of the article, Tom Kington and Nick Holdsworth, ironically. alleged prostitute Patricia D’Addario, she had sex with a discredited Italian in 2008. »

According to a leaked memo from former US ambassador to Italy, Ronald Spoli, Berlusconi simply adores Putin’s «macho, decisive and authoritarian style of government.»

«Berlusconi, hoping to return to power next year, was not the only one who expressed support for the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Russian leader on Saturday,» the newspaper notes.

Black Star, a chain of fast food restaurants in Moscow, celebrated this event by offering visitors a «presidential burger» — beef cutlets, two types of homemade cheese, tomatoes, onions and green salad and served with slices of smoked turkey, garlic and horseradish sauce and black currant jam.

The restaurant claims the burger is made up of Putin’s favorite ingredients, the article says.

«To find it, you just need to type ‘what Putin eats’ on the Internet,» said restaurant chain owner and pop star Timati.

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