Soon in Israel Mikhail Shufutinsky

In November, the public’s favorite, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Mikhail Shufutinsky, arrives in Israel with a large solo concert program.

In Beer Sheva, Haifa, Ashkelon and Tel Aviv, accompanied by the show group «Ataman» and the vocal duet «LiAda», the legendary chansonnier will perform his golden hits — songs that have been loved by more than one generation of listeners and have become real pearls of pop and genre songs.

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Shufutinsky was born in Moscow, in the Jewish family of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, doctor Zakhar Davidovich Shufutinsky. When Mikhail was five years old, his mother died, so he was raised by his grandmother Berta Davidovna and grandfather David Yakovlevich. Shufutinsky began his career almost from early childhood — it was then that he became seriously interested in music.

After graduating from the Ippolitov-Ivanov Music School and the Ippolitov-Ivanov School of Music, specializing in conductor, choirmaster and teacher of music and singing, Mikhail began performing with various ensembles, collaborated with the Accord vocal quartet, well-known in the USSR, and later became the leader popular VIA «Lace, song». Along with the growing success of his team (concerts, tours, records), in the soul of Shufutinsky, a conflict with the Soviet pop and television bureaucracy was growing, and he decided to leave the USSR by any means. After much trouble, the musician managed to get permission to leave the country for Israel.

And so at the beginning of 1981, together with his family, Mikhail, like many current Israelis, reached Vienna, and then … to Italy and, in the end, to the shores of the New World. Why the Shufutinsky family never ended up among the citizens of Israel, the artist himself never told — he laughed it off, they say, he always dreamed of playing jazz where it was born. Later, Shufutinsky’s father repatriated to Israel, and the artist himself once said: “I often go to Israel on tour, I feel like a part of this nation.

My youngest son and his wife converted to Judaism, their children, my grandchildren, studied at a Jewish school in San Diego. In my childhood, it was not customary to cultivate nationality, but, meanwhile, my grandmother knew all Jewish holidays, spoke Yiddish and a little Hebrew. She cooked correctly, was a master of the kosher kitchen. Unfortunately, I was too young to understand all this. «

Emigration gave Shufutinsky a new impetus in life and work. In America, he was both a taxi driver and a builder, played in orchestras at weddings, until he created his own show group «Ataman». At the beginning of his emigre career, he collaborated with Nina Brodskaya, made arrangements for Mikhail Gulko and Lyubov Uspenskaya, and began to sing himself.

Already as a luminary of the genre, having arrived in Russia with concerts in 1990, Shufutinsky gathered 75 stadiums on his very first tour. Thanks to his talent and soulful, memorable songs, the artist has become one of the best-selling performers of the 1990s. And then, and now, Shufutinsky’s popularity can be called nationwide — in a world that speaks Russian, it is difficult to find a person who would not be familiar with such hits as «The Third of September», «The Night Guest», «Velvet Season», «Palma de Mallorca «and many, many others.

The public, including the Israeli, loves Shufutinsky for his special soulful performance, characteristic timbre and recognizable manner of performance. His songs are very lyrical and are full stories or pieces set to good music. In recent years, he returned to the classic chanson, which sounds on his albums «Moscow-Vladivostok», «Nakolochka», «Solo», «Brother», but the artist is not afraid of experiments — for example, the already well-known songs «A Million Scarlet Roses», » White Roses «,» Putana «and others performed by Shufutinsky received a new understanding and sparkled with new facets. Shufutinsky loves his listeners, and the audience reciprocates by buying up tickets and arranging a wonderful reception for his beloved artist, wherever he comes with concerts.

Mikhail Shufutinsky comes to Israel with a special program composed exclusively of hits, since the artist has accumulated a lot of them over the years of his rich creative activity. At the same time, Shufutinsky does not have the same performances, each of them is special, at each of his performances a unique atmosphere reigns, as much as possible corresponding to the goals of the performer, responsive to the mood of the audience and changing with each sounding song and melody. At concerts in Beer Sheva, Haifa, Ashkelon and Tel Aviv, songs that have passed with Mikhail Shufutinsky throughout his life will be performed. Both the earliest, from the first albums, and new ones. These are «Marjanja» and «I Love», «Singarella» and «For lovely ladies», «Burning candles are crying» and «The left bank of the Don», presented to him once by Alexander Rosenbaum »

The artist promises his Israeli audience a soulful and unforgettable evening. With these concerts, Shufutinsky is going to thank his fans for being faithful to him for many years, giving the artist their love and support.

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