Tax cut plans and an Israeli gymnast’s medal

Correspondent “Yediot Ahronot” Gad Lior writes that the Minister of Finance plans to reduce taxes due to the large increase in tax revenues in recent years. According to the IRS, a record for the collection of taxes was set in September. Last month 30 billion shekels were received, the usual collection is 21-25 billion shekels per month.

Thanks to this, the budget deficit fell to 1.9% of GDP, for the first time in a long time. 4.2 billion shekels were obtained thanks to the operation “Hevrot Arnak” (“Company-wallet”). We are talking about companies in which there is only one employee – the owner of the company. Another 4 billion shekels came from the sale of Mobileye.

It is estimated that this year the IRS will receive 12-15 billion shekels more than expected at the beginning of the year. Therefore, there will be funds for the implementation of the program to reduce taxes.

Haaretz: Israeli gymnast wins silver medal at World Championships

Haaretz correspondent Uri Talshir writes that 20-year-old gymnast Artem Dolgopyat, who immigrated to Israel eight years ago, won a silver medal at the World Championships in Montreal.

As the author notes, Tarsier surpassed the result of Alex Shatilov, who won a bronze medal at the European Championships in April this year. Tarsier received a score of 14.533 points for floor exercise.

According to Talshir, this is the best result that Israeli gymnasts have shown at the world championships. For this medal, Tarsier will receive an award of 84 thousand shekels and will enter the Olympic team.

Israel HaYom: Israel Considered Attacking Assad’s Crematoria

Israel HaYom correspondent Yoav Limor writes that in connection with the information received from the Americans about the burning of the bodies of prisoners in a prison near Damascus, Israel considered the possibility of attacking crematoria.

The existence of crematoria became known in May this year. US intelligence sources reported that crematoria had been set up near a prison in a Damascus suburb to hide evidence that the regime was massacring its opponents. The Americans even presented satellite images showing the existence of the crematoria.

According to the information provided, the crematoria operated for several years at the prison, where, according to suspicions, dozens of opponents of the regime were executed daily. The Assad regime rejected these claims, claiming that it was a “Hollywood story” that was invented to justify military intervention in the war in Syria.

In the end, Israel decided not to attack the crematoria, so as not to escalate the situation on the northern front.

“Maariv Hashavua”: Iranian Foreign Minister: Americans are “obsessed” with sanctions

Correspondents of Maariv Hashavua Yasser Ukabi and Haim Isrovich write that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif said in an interview with Al Jazeera that the Americans are “obsessed” with sanctions.

Thus, he reacted to the threats of US President Donald Trump that the United States would cancel its obligations under the nuclear agreement. “The international community will never be able to rely on the United States if it does anything to harm the agreement,” Zarif added. He also noted that the violation of the agreement by the Americans will lead to the fact that Iran will withdraw from it.

According to him, Iran is not afraid of imposing new sanctions. “The American leadership has developed our immunity to sanctions,” the minister said.

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