The reason for unhappy marriages is named

Most often, the cause of divorce and problems in family life is “bad genetics “. This conclusion was made by scientists from the USA and Sweden. A press release for the study is posted on the Virginia Commonwealth University website.

Children of divorced parents are more likely to fail to create strong families.

Experts analyzed the statistics of divorce in Sweden and found that newlyweds, whose parents were in multiple marriages, most often repeat their experience. The reason for this is not upbringing and not the atmosphere in the house, but a genetic predisposition, scientists say.

The researchers also looked at the marriage records of the respondents taken from the shelters, and found that they repeat the history of the relationship of biological parents. At the same time, the experience of the foster family does not significantly affect the frequency of separation from partners .

“We have conclusively proven that genetic factors are largely responsible for the propensity to divorce, which is passed from generation to generation,” – said one of the authors of the report, Jessica Salvator.

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