Scientists have named an easy way to avoid a heart attack

Breakfast helps you avoid cardiovascular disease. According to experts, regular breakfast has a beneficial effect on the body.

A group of Spanish doctors and scientists said that regular breakfasts can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, reports EurekAlert !.

The publication reports that the Carlos III Center for Cardiovascular Diseases (CNIC) has conducted research and medical development in the field of early detection of atherosclerosis.

According to scientists, if breakfast contains less than 5% of the recommended daily calorie intake, it doubles the chances of getting atherosclerotic lesions.

At the same time, a high-calorie breakfast has a beneficial effect on the body and reduces the risk of developing vascular diseases.

The ideal breakfast, according to scientists, should include coffee, milk or yogurt, wholemeal bread with tomato and olive oil, and fruit.

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