Weinstein’s List: Actresses and Models About Producer Harassment

Earlier this week, The Weinstein Company’s board of directors announced the firing of legendary Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of sexually harassing company employees and actresses.

Earlier, Weinstein himself said that he was leaving the management of the film company he created for an indefinite period and would use the services of a psychotherapist — in light of the publication in The New York Times, which initiated this scandal.

In addition, he stated that he partially admits the facts presented by the newspaper, but, nevertheless, will sue this publication, which accuses of a number of inaccuracies in the presentation of the material. The amount of compensation required by the producer will be $ 50 million.

However, the Board of Directors claims that the decision to resign 65-year-old Weinstein will not be revised — he will leave the company he created forever.

Earlier, according to The New York Times, the company’s management paid young actresses who complained of harassment from Weinstein, compensation for silence. Payouts ranged from $ 80,000 to $ 150,000.

Initially, The New York Times mentioned several names of victims of harassment by Weinstein, in particular the name of the actress Ashley Judd.

On October 10, The New York Times ran an article that featured famous Hollywood actresses reporting on Harvey Weinstein’s harassment.

This list includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Tomi-Ann Roberts, Rosanna Arquette, Judith Gordesh, Catherine Kendall, Judith Godresch and Dawn Dunning.

Paltrow recalls that when she was 22 years old, before filming «Emma» (based on the novel by Jane Austen), the producer invited her to his room at the Peninsula Beverly Hills, ostensibly for a work meeting, and then invited her to go to the bedroom «for a massage.»

Jolie experienced a similar situation. After that, she warned young actresses not to work with Weistein.

Italian actress Asia Argento told The New Yorker that in 1997, at a hotel in France, Weinstein forced her to have oral sex. Then, for five years, there was a connection between them, which the actress does not consider romantic. She reflected the story of their relationship in the film «Purple Diva».

Actress and singer Lucia Evans says that she met Harvey Weinstein in 2004, when she was just about to start her film career. During a meeting with the producer, he forced her to oral sex, she claims.

Recall that in 2015, the accusations against Harvey were put forward by the Italian model Ambra Battilana, a participant in the Miss Italy 2010 beauty pageant, who was a witness in the case of sexual parties in the villa of former Italian Prime Minister Silvo Berlusconi.

Quick reference

Harvey Weinstein is a former board member and co-founder of Miramax Films, winner of many prestigious awards, including Oscars and BAFTAs, as well as co-owner of The Weinstein Company and producer of several iconic films: Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, English patient «,» Jen Eyre «,» Chicago «,» Kill Bill «,» Cold Mountain «,» Shakespeare in Love «,» The Lord of the Rings «,» Gangs of New York «,» Sin City «,» The Reader «and many others …

Weinstein is married and his wife is clothing designer Georgina Chapman, whom he married in 2007. He is the father of five children.

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