Authorities: work with the cinema «35 mm» is carried out constructively

The city authorities are working constructively with the management of the 35 mm cinema after they left the Central House of the Entrepreneur on Pokrovka; now they are offered premises for rent in the central districts of Moscow.

Alexey Fursin, the head of the Moscow Department of Science, Industry and Entrepreneurship, told TASS on Friday.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin on Thursday opened the renovated Central House of Entrepreneurs (CDM), which has now started working in the new format of the House of Innovations. It will serve as a key platform for the development and support of urban small and medium-sized businesses, as well as serve as an information center for innovations in the city. In addition, the platform will help businessmen to develop in their business and solve the current problems of their company, will become a place for meetings, exchange of business experience, and conduct educational lectures.

«The Moscow government» 35 mm «proposed new premises for the placement of the cinema, including premises in the Central Administrative District. I would like to note that there are no conflict situations, everything is resolved in a constructive manner,» Fursin said.

He also added that currently interaction with «35 mm» is carried out in the legal plane. In addition, the Moscow Innovation Agency (manages the TsDM building — approx. TASS) terminated the lease agreement with «35 mm» due to the latter’s failure to fulfill its obligations to make rent payments.

The director of the 35 mm cinema, Irina Mukhyanova, told TASS that the cinema has so far suspended its work and indeed received offers from the Moscow authorities for other premises for rent, but did not find them acceptable. “We were offered other premises in the central districts of Moscow, but they did not suit us. In addition, we do not yet know where our equipment was taken from the CDM,” Mukhyanova said.

Cinema «35 mm» occupied part of the premises of the Central House of Commons on Pokrovka in 2000. It was one of the first to show art house movies.

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