China announces “orange” danger level due to approaching typhoon “Hanoun”

The State Meteorological Center of China announced an increased threat level on Saturday evening due to the approach of Typhoon Hanoun. As noted on the agency’s website, at its epicenter, wind gusts reach 11 points, amounting to more than 30 m / s.

The disaster is expected to hit the coast of the southern provinces of Guangdong and Hainan on Sunday morning. The typhoon will also lead to stormy weather and heavy rainfall in the Shanghai region, the coast of eastern Fujian province, and Taiwan.

Earlier it was announced a partial suspension of train traffic in Guangdong and Hainan provinces over the next two days.

Hanoun has become the twentieth Pacific cyclone in Asia since the beginning of this year. Only those of them, the wind force of which exceeds 120 km / h, is assigned the status of a typhoon.

The season for these destructive atmospheric vortices in the Pacific Ocean usually lasts from June to October. They form in low pressure zones near the equator and rush to the northern latitudes, causing enormous damage to the countries of Southeast and East Asia.

Most often, the Philippines and Taiwan find themselves in the way of Asian typhoons, but they often reach the borders of Japan. Typhoons hit Hong Kong two or three times a season.

China has adopted a four-tiered disaster warning system. The danger levels in it, as the threat increases, are indicated by blue, yellow, orange and red colors.

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