Ovechkin goal and two programs of Kuznetsov helped “Washington” beat “New Jersey” in the NHL

“Washington” won “New Jersey” with a score of 5: 2 in the away match of the regular season of the National Hockey League (NHL), the Russian strikers of “Washington” Alexander Ovechkin and Yevgeny Kuznetsov once again noted effective actions.

As part of the “Washington” washers threw TJ Oshi (15th, 46th minute), Ovechkin (29), Yakub Vran (39) and Niklas Backstrom (48). New Jersey scored Taylor Hall (37) and Kyle Palmieri (41). The best player of the match was the forward of “Washington” Niklas Backstrom, who scored 4 points (1 puck + 3 gears), Oshi was the second star, Palmier was the third.

Ovechkin scored the puck and gave an assist for 19 minutes on the court, he also has four shots and one power move. The captain of “Washington” for the first time in the current season scored an assist, a total of 32-year-old Russian now has 10 points (9 goals + 1 gear) in five games of the season. Russian forward, «Washington» Evgeny Kuznetsov marked two assists transfers , spending in the match 18 minutes 47 seconds, he also paid a one throw and committed power reception. In the five games of the season 2017/18 Kuznetsov already gave 10 assists.

Kuznetsov resigned unique achievement, he became the second national hockey player in history, who gave 10 assists in five games from the start of the regular NHL championship. For the first time such a success was achieved by Sergey Makarov, who in five starting matches of the 1989/90 debut season as part of Calgary gave 10 assists, while throwing two more goals. In addition, Kuznetsov was the first in the history of “Washington”, chalked up 10 assists in five games matches.

Ninth Ovechkin puck in the season 2017/18

Russian defender “Washington” Dmitry Orlov could not distinguish himself with productive actions, having played in the match for 21 minutes, he has one shot, three power moves and two blocked shots of New Jersey players.

“Washington” climbed to first place in the Eastern Conference, gaining 7 points out of 10 (five matches). “New Jersey” suffered the first defeat of the season and dropped to second place in the tournament table in the East (6 points after four games). In the next match in the night on Sunday, «Washington» on the road to meet with «Philadelphia», «New Jersey» in a party will play against «New York Rangers».

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