The Arctic Doctor project needs federal funding

The Russian Ministry of Health has offered the Murmansk Region to implement the Arctic Doctor program at its own expense, Bi-Port reports.

This program is supposed to assign a graduate of a higher educational institution to a medical institution in the region for a period of five years. In the first year, as well as at the end of the contract period, the young specialist is planned to be paid one million rubles each.

According to the Governor of the Murmansk Region following a meeting chaired by the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the North-West Federal District Nikolai Tsukanov on Thursday, funding from the federal budget is a decisive factor for the implementation of the program.

“In five years a person will adapt, start a family, get used to the environment. By doing this, we will solve the problem with a shortage of personnel, people will join our northern family, ”Marina Kovtun commented.

The governor noted that the Murmansk region will not be able to pull such expenses alone. Today in the region there is a need for 300 doctors. Over the past four years, only 26 people came to work in rural settlements under the Zemsky Doctor program.

“Today we entered into negotiations with the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health, naturally, invites us to fulfill it at our own expense. But we believe that if we are talking about supporting the Arctic subjects, then the Federation should do the little that it should do for the Arctic regions, ”the head of the region added.

Marina Kovtun turned to State Duma Deputy Alexei Weller for support in promoting the implementation of the program.

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