The Eiffel Tower is closed to visitors due to a strike

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is closed to tourists on Friday due to a strike, according to the official site of the attraction.

«On Friday, October 13, 2017, due to the national strike, the Eiffel Tower will be closed from 12:00 (13.00 Moscow time — approx. TASS) until late at night. We apologize for the inconvenience,» the message says.

Trade union protests have been going on in France for several weeks now. The reason for this was the reform of the labor code, which it was decided to carry out through presidential ordinances — direct directives signed by the head of the republic — bypassing voting in parliament.

The purpose of the planned reforms, as the government assures, is to create a more flexible and efficient mechanism of negotiations between trade unions and employers.

More than 6 million tourists visit the Eiffel Tower every year, 80% of them are foreigners. According to the AFP agency, there is now a seasonal decline in tourist flow — no more than six thousand people climb the tower a day.

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