Trump: US involvement in Iran deal could end at any time

On Friday, October 13, US President Donald Trump unveiled the US administration’s «ambitious strategy» towards Iran a.

In a special address, Trump said Iran’s «fanatical regime» remains the main sponsor of terrorism. «The Iranian regime longs for death for the United States and death for Israel,» he said, noting that after the conclusion of the «nuclear deal», the terms of which were agreed and approved in 2015, under the Obama administration, Iranian aggression has steadily gained momentum.

The President stressed that the US participation in the deal with Iran could be terminated at any time.

“We will not follow a path that will lead to more violence and the spread of terrorism. I am tasking my administration to work closely with Congress and allies to correct serious flaws in the deal,” the US president said.

Trump said that Iran has repeatedly violated the terms of the «nuclear deal» and promised that the US administration will take all measures to curtail the Iranian nuclear program.

President Trump has confirmed that the US Treasury Department is imposing sanctions against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Iran. (This was announced on the website of the US Treasury Department a few minutes before Trump’s speech).

The IRGC has also been added to the list of organizations supporting terrorism.

In early October, Tehran said it would retaliate if the United States imposes new sanctions against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Recall that in July 2015, Iran and the «six» of mediators (the United States, Great Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia) signed a «nuclear agreement» that allows to lift the economic sanctions imposed on it against Tehran if the agreements are fulfilled. Israel is actively opposed to the «nuclear deal».

Under the agreement, the US president certifies Congress every three months that it continues to be respected and is in the country’s national interests, and recommends that the painful sanctions imposed in response to the Iranian nuclear program continue to be suspended.

Trump, after taking office, twice reluctantly certified the deal, but from now on decided to abandon this practice, the BBC reminds.

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