Vineyard area in Russia will double in five years

The area of ​​vineyards in Russia in five years will be up to 200 thousand hectares, which is approximately twice the current one, said the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev at the All-Russian Summit of Winemakers.

«We see the prospect, we see our future — in five years we will have an area of ​​about 170-200 thousand hectares (vineyards), today — 90 thousand hectares,» Tkachev said.

«These are high-quality materials (seedlings), of course, we must grow, we must be present in the wine market, and it is good that there is Crimea, and here (Krasnodar Territory) we are raising traditional historical winemaking,» the minister added.

He added that he is ready to help winegrowers. «I am ready for all challenges, to hear every proposal, to find support for the development of the industry not only in the ministry, but also at the government level,» Tkachev said.

According to the minister, «there are 7.5 million hectares of grapes in the world, half of them are France, Spain, Italy, China.»

«China has made almost everyone out of the blue — there will be 1.5 million hectares, I assure you, they are actively consuming wine from Europe and the New World. In Spain — 1 million hectares,» Tkachev gave an example.

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