Poll Names Cursing Capitals of Russia

Forget “gosh,” “darn” and “gollee” if you’re visiting these places.

Five cities in central Russia have been named the most swear-happy in a recent poll of 30 Russian cities.

Perm, Voronezh and Ivanovo nabbed the top three spots of the  Zoom Market agency’s ranking of cities most prone to cursing. Residents of Orenburg and Tambov dropped enough f-bombs and double hockey sticks to place their cities in the top five.

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Letting Them Have It in Russian

“We were somewhat surprised by the results,” Zoom Market’s commercial director Andrei Shtyrov said in a press release.

Rostov-on-Don was the only World Cup host city to crack the top-10 in the poll on cursing, with Yekaterinburg ranking 12th, followed by Saransk at 14th.

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A Guide to Common Russian Insults

Despite its poor reputation among Russians, Moscow placed a rather polite 18th. St. Petersburg, commonly known as Russia’s cultural capital, ranked 23rd, with Kazan grabbing the title as the least vulgar Russian city.

Zoom Market conducted the survey on cursing among 3,000 respondents in 30 Russian cities.


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