Start the Holidays on a Hilarious Note

Do you need a good laugh?

Well, you’re in luck.

The English Moscow Comedy Club is putting on its stand-up comedy show called “From Russia With Laugh — 2” this Saturday night.

This is the EMC’s sixth production in Moscow. Their very merry band of stand-up comedians from all over the world have performed for sold-out crowds five times before in Moscow. The gang of gag-makers also toured Europe twice, bringing their comic vision of life in Russia to fans in seven countries.

This time there will be a mix of veterans and newbies from Croatia, Namibia, Australia, India and Russia.

The MC is Croatian Igor Mondae, who has been headlining EMC shows in Moscow and Europe. He’ll be joined by John Night from Namibia, who insists he rode a horse to Russia from Africa; Spanish-Australian David Munoz, who is the first comedian to perform live comedy in English in Tula and Ryazan; Arun Khurana, who is Indian but not from India and who has been doing live comedy in Moscow for three years; and two English-speaking Russian comics Kirill Voronin and Denis Nikolin, who know what is really funny about Russia.

The show is all English, with no translation — so bring only your Russian friends who understand English well.

Or, on the other hand, bring all the non-English-speaking Russian relatives or colleagues you hate. Revenge is sweet, and sometimes even funny.

Tickets can be bought online here and range in price from 590 and 890 rubles, depending on the seat. If there are any free seats, they’ll be sold at the door for 30 percent more.

Hint: buy now.

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