Date of cancellation of mobile roaming in Russia

The largest mobile operators in Russia said that they will cancel roaming in the country within the next few weeks. For example, Megafon promised to do this on September 1.

In turn, Tele2 will refuse roaming until August 31, MTS — until August 30. And Vimpelcom (Beeline) refused to charge roaming charges from today.

At the same time, representatives of operators reminded that in a number of operating tariffs the charge for roaming had already been canceled.

We add that the abolition of national roaming was the result of pressure from the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).

A year ago, the department issued a warning to the largest operators and demanded that the plan be removed from the citizens traveling across the country.

It was a question of canceling margins in situations when a subscriber found himself in another region, but served in his network, and in cases when the «home» operator was absent in the client’s region.

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