Go to Italy in the Center of Moscow

This weekend you can take a trip to southern Italy without leaving Moscow. Part of the “Buongiorno Italia” festival dedicated to Apulia — Puglia in Italian — is being held right in the city center in the Hermitage Garden, where the main square is already colored with white, red and green flags. A stage and a market with food stands await visitors.

“This is the first festival in Russia about the Italian region of Apulia and we’re doing everything so that Russians experience what they can see and do there. We’ve invited 25 people — musicians, filmmakers and artists — to Russia to promote our region,” Loredana Capone, the regional council’s executive in charge of tourism, told The Moscow Times.

Workshops for both adults and children combine the process of making mozzarella and pasta with the typical southern Italian dance called pizzica and the game tamburello.

A cooking demonstration will include preparation of local and traditional Italian dishes as well as lessons entirely dedicated to products from Apulia.

On Friday there will be an evening screening of the Italian film shot in Apulia “Cado dalle nubi,” with the director Gennaro Nunziante to answer questions. The film will be shown in the original language with Russian subtitles, and there will be translation into Russian of Nunziante’s comments.

The festival — a very Italian mix of culture, cinema, food and music — will also be held at Gorky Park and the Muzeon Park of Arts with performances and wine tasting. “Ciao Puglia” runs through July 7 at the Moscow Hermitage Garden.

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