In the US, they named external enemies: the list turned out to be unexpected

Conservative American political scientist Patrick Joseph Buchanan published on his website an article «The expanding list of enemies of America . »

Analyzing the foreign policy activity of the US in recent years, Buchanan calls 9 large armed groups and whole states with which his country is in a state of literal or cold war, including Russia and China. The former adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan wonders: is America capable of holding a blow in such a number of directions?

«In the 17th year of America’s longest war, the Taliban armed forces (an organization banned in Russia, the» MK «) took control of the Afghan city of Ghazni, the provincial capital, on the way from Kabul to Kandahar,» the analyst writes. He refers to a report in The Wall Street Journal, which says that as a result of street fighting the hospitals of Ghazni are overcrowded with the wounded and dead, the relatives of the victims have no opportunity to betray their bodies to the ground…

Almost simultaneously, in the Yemeni city of Saada, 40 children died as a result of an air strike struck by the Saudi Arabian Air Force. Patrick Buchanan emphasizes that planes and bombs are delivered to this country by the United States. He cites the words of the leader of the rebel Husit group: «This is a crime of America and its allies against the children of Yemen.» And adds: «Yemen is on the list of countries with the most difficult humanitarian situation in the world, and America played an obvious role in this tragedy.»

In the US, they named external enemies: the list turned out to be unexpected

Buchanan recalls the two thousand American troops in Syria. «Our joint control of the sector to the east of Efrat with time will almost certainly lead us into a direct confrontation with the regime (Assad -» MK «), whose demand for us is to get out of the country,» writes the American conservative.

«As for relations with Turkey, they have never been so bad. President Erdogan views our Kurdish allies in Syria as accomplices of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party in Turkey. He notes that we provided shelter to exiled cleric Fehtullah Gulen, who, Erdogan believes, was behind the coup attempt in 2016. If the putschists won, Erdogan and his family would be destroyed. When the Turkish lira collapsed, President Trump aggravated the situation by raising tariffs on Turkish aluminum and steel. If the lyre collapses completely, Erdogan will blame the Americans and Trump for this. »

«All this begs the question: how many clashes, conflicts and wars and how many enemies can the United States lead, even if they are strong?» Writes Patrick Buchanan.

Forbidden in Russia by the Taliban, the Husits ​​of Yemen and the President of Turkey Erdogan, the list of US enemies is not exhausted.

«In November (last year -» MK «) the most brutal American sanctions were imposed on Iran. One of the purposes of this was to force as many countries as possible to boycott Iranian oil and gas, «drown» the country’s economy and crush its regime. »

Iran sent a signal about a possible reaction to blocking access to world oil and gas markets. In August this year, Iranian warships conducted exercises in the Strait of Hormuz. Thus, Iran made it clear: if its oil is «locked» in the Persian Gulf, the same fate will befall the oil of the Arab countries participating in OPEC. In addition, not so long ago Iran conducted an anti-ship ballistic missile test. The country’s leader rejected Trump’s proposal for a personal meeting, which will not take place until sanctions are lifted. This happened after the unilateral withdrawal of the US from a nuclear deal with Iran, the author of the article recalls.

New sanctions against Iran will come into force in November, after which «it will be difficult to imagine how the US and Tehran can be avoided».

«The same applies to Russia’s Vladimir Putin,» Buchanan writes. — The United States imposed new sanctions against Russia because of the alleged poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the city of Salisbury with nerve gas. The US has already expelled 60 Russian diplomats, Russia vehemently denies its involvement (in poisoning — «MK»), convincing evidence has not yet been presented, the voices of the victims have not been voiced, but tough sanctions must enter into force in November. »

The author of the article quotes the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev: «If something follows like a ban on the activities of banks or the use of a particular currency, it can be called quite directly, this is an announcement of an economic war. And this war is necessary, it will be necessary to react — by economic methods, political methods, and, if necessary, by other methods. »

«The fact that sanctions» bite «is irrefutable, — we read in the article of the American analyst. «Like the Turkish lira and the Iranian rial, the Russian ruble is falling, and the Russians feel this blow.»

The article says that more recently the crew of the American Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft during the flight over a small island in the South China Sea, where the military facility is being built, received a signal-demand «to immediately leave the territory and stay out of it.» China declared this sea part of its territory.

In turn, the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, does not intend to abandon nuclear weapons, despite the fact that Trump’s advisor John Bolton said he expects the authorities of this country to start the process of denuclearization.

«The list of America’s enemies today includes the Taliban (banned in Russia -» MK «), Yemeni husits, Syrian leader Bashar Assad, Turkey, Erdogan’s president, Iran, North Korea, Russia and China — the cup is full. Can we be sure that our enemies will surrender? And if it comes to the war, how many of us will there be allies? «- asks Patrick Buchanan. And at the end of the article, one more question is asked: «Did America vote for such a foreign policy?»

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