Mass Fish Deaths Hit Central Russia

A massive die-off of marine life has hit the republic of Bashkortostan, nestled between the Volga River and the Ural Mountains, in what residents suspect to be a mass poisoning.

Videos posted on social media showed dead fish, floating belly up, lining the banks of a local river.

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The regional environmental protection service took samples from the local river for analysis, with possible contamination coming from a river in the neighboring Perm region, Interfax reported Friday.

The results of the tests are expected on Monday, the Bashkortostan environmental protection department’s spokeswoman Liliya Nuretdinova told the Proufu.ru news website.

“We’re now informing the public. We’ve posted an announcement asking people to refrain from swimming in the river and fishing until all circumstances are fully clarified,” the head of the village council Razif Makhatov told the Ufa branch of RBC business portal.


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