Parade in Kiev: «Batkins, it’s so nice that you are enraged»

In the center of Kiev there was a military parade in honor of Independence Day. This year, 4,500 servicemen passed through Khreshchatyk. Of these, over a thousand at different times participated in the fighting in the zone of the ATU.

Near the Ukrainian military along the central street of Kiev, 200 fighters of NATO armies and candidate countries joined the alliance. In addition to the leadership of Ukraine, the parade was hosted by the defense ministers of 9 NATO countries, including Pentagon chief James Mattis. Subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine were transferred to the enhanced mode of service, 30 thousand siloviki watched the order in the country.

Followed by the action and political observers, for example, the Ukrainian media expert and businessman Anatoly Shariy, who on NEWSONE TV channel said that the military equipment parade was no more than a personal report of the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and was of importance only for him.

«I treat myself to the observers, because I can not even come to the parade. I watch the media, overclocking the thesis that «the parade is important, it’s our everything, and we’ll show it to the whole world and the aggressor country.» But, let’s be honest, everyone basically does not care about our parade. Although the Ukrainian authorities declare that Ukraine is part of Europe, it is not perceived in Europe itself «(Shary is a political refugee in the European Union -» MK «).

Parade in Kiev: "Batkins, it's so nice that you are enraged"

And further: «I just remember how everyone laughed at the Russian parades. As they said, the parades are «remnants of the Soviet past,» that it’s clanking with weapons, that, here, the armata has died… It’s just a too quick return to the old times, which have been so long disowned. »

Who are «we»? Perhaps Anatoly Shariy had in mind not recently moved to Kiev Russian journalists who did not spare the creative forces to scourge the Soviet legacy. For example, the annual celebration on May 9. Here are some quotes from the «migrants»:

2016: «Today’s» immortal regiment, «the softest one, can be called a» parade of fools. » Stupidity, built into a crowd. This herd instinct deserves only contempt. »

2017: «The Kremlin» Immortal Regiment «in Kiev should be banned not as a memory action, but as an action of solidarity with the Russian Federation. Its organizers must be brought to justice, to disclose their direct and close ties with the authorities and special services of the aggressor country and to judge. This is the work of our special services, which they do not perform, and then exchanged for Ukrainian political prisoners in Crimean and Russian prisons. I know that none of this will be done. The mercenaries of the Kremlin will pass, as they want, here, and our prisoners will sit there. If a country is at war, it must be able to defend itself, as those who did not give Nazism destroy our future, and those who fought for Ukraine against the torturers of the NKVD desperately, until the end, defended us. Their memory is worth it so that it is not insulted by such processions. »

On the day of the 27th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, one of the former Russian journalists also did not remain silent. His YouTube reportage about the parade in Kiev for the evening was viewed by about 4 thousand spectators. Replicas woven into sounds of military marches and speeches delivered from the rostrum, like ribbons in a maiden braid.

«I’ll intervene in the broadcast: quilted jackets, it’s so nice that you are enraged. It is very nice. That’s just for the sake of it it was worth the parade to hold, not to mention our soldiers and veterans, for whom the parade is a meeting with the citizens of their country. And let it piss you off. Very nice that you so twist. We continue the broadcast. »

«Let everyone see: whoever comes with arms to Ukraine, they will not be greeted here with bread and salt. Keep in mind just in case. »

«We are watching the broadcast of the parade, we are not interested in the views of the freaks. This is our Independence Day. »

The journalist who reacts differently to militarism in Moscow and Kiev is not alone in its sequence. In July, Russian social networks actively discussed rock bands that refused to perform at the Nashestviye festival for reasons of pacifism — the partner of the rock festival since 2013 is the Russian Defense Ministry. At the same time, some groups had previously participated in Ukrainian concerts and even collected money for ATU fighters.

«As for» Elysium «and» Pornfilm «, their principled nature ends where the Russian border ends. For example, at the Festival «Fiesta Misto», both groups are happy to play (in the case of «Elysium» is not the first time), and starting in 2014 actively collect help for ATU fighters, «wrote one commentator.

Others noted that among the principled rock musicians, their position was justified by the members of the Distemper group: «They have an old subcultural school» for spite of my mother’s frostbitten ears «. Logical was the refusal to joint with the Russian Ministry of Defense speech of the Ukrainian group «vulgar Molly.» What can not you say about Monetechka, and not only about her.

Pacifism does not recognize state borders — ask about this from the survivors of the legendary Woodstock Festival of 1968, protesting against the war of America in Vietnam and against the war as such. But some Russian pacifists, it seems, have also discovered a «special way» here. Their peaceableness is limited to the borders of Russia, behind which the sweet sounds of the song «fool on the hill» are replaced by the hawk’s harsh scream.

Ukrainian admiral explained the refusal of the remaining ships in Crimea

There are several reasons for Ukraine’s refusal of the warships that remained in the Crimea, said the ex-commander of the country’s Navy Sergei Gaiduk. In an interview with the Ukrainian television channel, the Vice Admiral listed these reasons.

Ukrainian admiral explained the refusal of the remaining ships in Crimea

Commander of the naval forces of Ukraine from 2014 to 2016, Vice Admiral Sergei Gaiduk explained that Kiev will lose the argument in international disputes if it decides to take away the remaining warships in Crimea. He also noted that all of them are approximately 70% equipped with Russian equipment.

«And then the question arises: for problems of import substitution, if we take away these ships, we lose an argument in international institutions,» the ex-commander said in an interview with 112 Ukraine. According to him, in this case, these actions will be perceived abroad as an agreement between the two countries: «the ships were withdrawn, that is, there are no problems».

He also acknowledged that the Ukrainian naval forces formed after the division of the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR were «disintegrated» over the years of independence.

«We received 140 pennants at the time: ships, boats and support vessels, but during the time of independence they wrote off 65 for scrap metal,» said the vice-admiral, adding that in the recent history of Ukraine, only five so-called long-term projects — THE USSR.

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