Russians began to spend less when they went to the store

The research conducted by the Romir holding revealed a decrease in July of the average amount spent by a resident of the country for one trip to the store. The index of the average check declines for the fourth month in a row and has not been at such low values ​​since the spring of 2016, the researchers state.

Last month, the average check decreased by 3.3% compared to June. Taking into account the official data on inflation for the indicated period (0.3%), the indicator fell by 3%.

Thus, the average check in July was 496 rubles, having lost 17 rubles in monetary terms from the previous month. Compared to 2017, the average check was reduced by 7 rubles (a decrease of 1.4%).

Researchers note that the index of the average check is declining for the fourth month in a row, and such a small amount given for one time at the checkout in the store was not for more than two years.

As reported by RIA Novosti news agency , who familiarized with the study, the last time such a low value of the average check index showed in the spring of 2016: in March it was 491 rubles, in April — 493 rubles, and in May 2016 the figure reached the level of 497 rubles.

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