US President was reminded of the independence of the US central bank

The head of the American state, Donald Trump, was reminded that the Federal Reserve System of the United States, which fulfills the functions of the American central bank, does not depend on the executive power. This in an interview with Bloomberg said a member of the board of the Fed Esther George.

She stressed that the barriers between the regulator and the US administration were “absolutely deliberately formed by Congress so that the central bank, in making decisions, could think for a long time in the interests of a wide range of the economy.”

According to her, criticism from the White House will not be affected by the decision of the regulator, which plans to raise the interest rate twice more this year.

“This is not unique to the current administration… I personally do not think that this interferes with our ability to make decisions,” said Esther George.

Two days earlier Trump said that he was not “happy” about raising the interest rate by the Federal Reserve System .

“We are conducting very serious negotiations with other countries. We will emerge victorious. However, at present, I will not be hampered by some support from the Fed. The central banks of these countries are implementing a soft monetary policy, “the American leader said.

US politicians are threatened with a “click on the nose” in response to sanctions

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Russian authorities could close the entrance to some American politicians. This will be Moscow’s response to new US sanctions, which are expected to be announced on August 27.

Deputy Foreign Minister said that the answer to the new American restrictions does not necessarily have to be 100% mirror, because Russia is in another “weight category” and can not compete with the US in the economic sphere. The diplomat stated this in an interview with the journal International Affairs .

Ryabkov expressed confidence that getting into the Russian sanctions lists would hurt the vanity of American politicians who “imagined themselves as the finishers of the destinies of the world.”

When the figurants of the “black lists” understand that they can not get a Russian visa, it will become “a kind of flicker on the nose and pride,” the Deputy Foreign Minister believes. Ryabkov also added that there are many other ways to answer “not to the detriment of yourself.”

In this regard, the diplomat spoke against proposals to stop the supply to the US of rocket engines, aviation titanium and uranium concentrate. “This is a” self-shot “,” he believes.

As expected, the new US sanctions against Russia will come into force on August 27 . Restrictions are due to the “Skrypals case” – poisoning of the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in the British Salisbury.

The restrictions will affect the supply of dual-use products to Russia, the export of goods and technologies related to the US national security and oil and gas industry.

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