10 controversial images of Siberian women – the stylist offered them different clothes

A stylist from Novosibirsk criticized the clothes of Siberian women. The process of parsing the wardrobe turned out to be quite fascinating – look what we got.

It is rather difficult to choose clothes that will decorate your body type and accentuate your appearance. Usually women just go to the store and take the dress they like on the hanger, but in the fitting room they will be disappointed. It does not suit them, but why is completely incomprehensible.

The editors, together with the top stylist Yulia Ushakova, decided to conduct an experiment – we asked our readers to send photos in images that they consider successful, – the expert appreciated the selected kits and gave recommendations, maybe they will be useful to you too.

We received a huge number of letters – it took a lot of effort to select only ten of them. The participants told why they chose such clothes and what they would like to change in their image.

Olesya, 32 years old

– My favorite style of dress is practical and comfortable, something between everyday and business. I opted for jeans, a cashier jacket and white sneakers.

Stylist comment:

– Olesya is a representative of the hourglass or triangle shape type – with a pronounced waist and hips. I believe that Olesya, like most other women, hides her feminine forms, as she considers them full and heavy, but at the same time on a jacket, which Olesya is not at all for her age, the pockets make the image heavier, namely the hip line.

I propose to replace the jacket with an elongated trench coat, which would end in the middle of the calf or slightly below, in a light shade, since Olesya is a young woman, she cannot wear dark, dull colors. The trench coat will visually lengthen the silhouette due to the created vertical and give the image modernity, so Olesya will look younger. We must tie up the trench coat.

Jeans are needed looser, so that there is air between the body and the fabric – model mom or straight. If you like skinny, then there should be something voluminous in the portrait area. For example, an elongated oversized shirt, light – 10 cm below the widest line of the thigh and always fitted (can be fitted with a thin belt). Both the trench coat and the shirt must be fitted. I like the basic black T-shirt and sneakers, leave it. Instead of a shirt, you can put on a cardigan over a basic T-shirt – an elongated cardigan with skinny jeans and a short one with loose models.

Tatyana, 54 years old, works in the gardening economy

– This is my casual style, sporty, but I really want elegance. I am 54 years old, the figure allows you to wear mini, leaky jeans. I constantly struggle with myself. Probably, you need to dress according to your age, but, unfortunately, there is no vision of how to choose clothes correctly and elegantly.

Stylist comment:

– I express my admiration for Tatyana – an amazing figure, you can see cheerfulness, I respect for the energy, drive, for wanting to be bright – this can be seen in the hair and clothes. Tatyana’s striving for elegance is understandable – over the years we grow wiser, become more restrained, but we do not have the habit of choosing restrained clothes.

I propose to exclude ripped jeans from the wardrobe – they are not relevant now, this is not a trend and is not at all what a woman with such a figure needs, jeans spoil her, in them Tatyana looks like an outdated version of the 90s, as if she was stuck in her 30s and seeks to rejuvenate. The woman looks great, she does not need to somehow additionally rejuvenate herself. Such kits, on the contrary, only age, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, and look comical, we do not need it. Jeans with a low waist, scuffs and holes should be replaced with the current models – mom or slouchy. Tatyana has narrow beautiful hips, so you can try flared jeans in the style of the 70s, it will look stylish. To them we add Cossacks or sandals on a platform for the summer (suitable for any bottom).

To the image of Tatiana, I would add layers: on top – a top and a denim shirt or just white, tucked into jeans, you can use a turtleneck instead of a top. The shirt can be replaced with a country-style cardigan, I see that Tatiana likes bright prints. You can try a bomber jacket just below the waist – the hips are beautiful, you can show them.

To the request for elegance: elegance is a style close to the classics, while classics are always laconic forms, restrained colors, high-quality materials. It is quite difficult to switch from sports to classics; it will be necessary to change the lifestyle too. I suggest Tatiana to try not very strict forms, but close to the classics, and add a light jacket in a cage to her wardrobe. Flared jeans are not quite for the request for elegance, but they are ideal for the character of the heroine. We add a basic T-shirt in warm colors, maybe with a print – they will reflect the brightness of the character. Instead of jeans, you can add trousers or a skirt to the jacket, it can be made of eco-leather, which will also support Tatyana’s bright appearance.

Alena, 30 years old, conductor

– I was looking for an image for the New Year, for a long time I wanted to buy eco-leather shorts. I bought it for the holiday and decided to combine black and white, leaning towards the classics, let’s say. White socks didn’t fit, hence the idea to wear black knee-highs.

Stylist comment:

– Alena’s body type is oval, the waist and hips are smoothed, there is no pronounced expression. The desire of the heroine to purchase shorts is understandable, as a rule, the representatives of the oval have slender long legs. If you have this type of figure, then you should not emphasize the waistline and focus on it, as Alena did – she tucked her blouse or T-shirt into shorts. It is not necessary to emphasize what we do not have – in this way we only worsen ourselves.

For such shorts, I would recommend the upper piece a little wider than the figure itself, and it should end below the hip line. The shirt will look good, you can choose a white one, if Alena likes this combination, you don’t need to tuck it in, it’s better to grab the waist with a black belt with a buckle, the assembly will turn out like a peplum around the hips – this way we will visually narrow the waist, expand the hips and approach the hourglass silhouette … I would add some kind of accessory to the portrait area so that the neckline is visible – this way we will attract more attention to the face and take it away from the problem area – from the waist, where there are nuances. You can add a top to the shirt – at the expense of it, we will also divert attention from the waist, raise it up and lengthen the legs. The belt in this version will not be needed. Golfs are not a trendy thing, but if you like it, you can leave it. When, if you need to go outside, I would add either rough boots or knee-high boots with a wide boot to the set, so your legs will seem even slimmer and more elegant. Hoop earrings, like in the 90s, and bright lipstick – the look is ready.

Lyudmila, 32 years old, teacher

– The presented image is my work office clothes. I want to understand where I was wrong, maybe they will offer me some kind of costume. It is important for me that it is cozy and comfortable.

Stylist comment:

– Regardless of what discipline and whom Lyudmila teaches – children or already students, such a cardigan should be left at home, as it creates a feeling of relaxation and lack of concentration on the subject. I suggest replacing it with a jacket that will keep its shape – not dark and not bright, neutral: blue, gray, beige. It can be with a print – a goose foot or a cage.

Trousers with an elasticated belt are a reference to sports. In addition, they create the same effect as the cardigan – relaxation and deconcentration. I understand that trousers with an elastic band are comfortable, but it is better to replace them with trousers with a clear belt and a good fit. Lyudmila has a beautiful figure – she can and should emphasize her waist, she did the right thing to tuck her blouse into her trousers, but she made a mistake with the belt. If you cannot afford trousers with a tight belt, then choose an elongated shirt that will hide the elastic. The shirt should have a clear cut and fitted with a belt – this will give a clear figure.

I would advise Lyudmila to buy a trouser suit with tapered trousers in neutral tones or a jacket and several trousers to look different. You can buy several options for blouses or turtlenecks if you want comfort. Shoes – leather loafers or flat shoes, shoes should keep their shape, it is better to leave rag slippers for the house as well.

Irina, 47 years old, head of department

– I put together this spring look for a bachelorette party. In my opinion, this option attracts the eye with its brightness and actual animal print on the scarf. The combination of a scarf and a skirt in the image, I think, is appropriate.

Stylist comment:

– Irina’s appearance makes me admire – she looks gorgeous for her age. I really like the top, but I don’t like the bottom at all. The skirt is too colorful to be appropriate in the off-season. If it were an open sundress, the same length and the same colorful, with open sandals on the sea in the summer – yes. But in our spring climate, and especially in combination with heavy shoes, such a set causes dissonance.

The red color is suitable for Irina’s color, the scarf in contrast emphasizes the brightness of the personality. I would replace the skirt with a calmer, monochromatic, maybe white, maybe light gray, to match the shawl. I don’t suggest black – it’s too harsh a combination with red, both for the holiday and in general. The controversial combination, in my opinion, is dramatic. Shoes – if I chose a straight midi skirt of a restrained color without a print, I would wear pumps or ankle boots, perhaps even lacquered, if I want to add brightness.

Zhanna, 33, hairdresser

– I chose this image for the New Year, I buy things according to the principle “what I like”, but I would like to learn how to assemble a capsule.

Stylist comment:

– Jeanne has a bright appearance, and I understand her desire to show her legs – they are really beautiful. When choosing a leather product, be it a skirt, trousers or shorts, remember that leather always enlarges a little. If you have volume in the area of ​​the thighs and abdomen, the skin, due to the physics of color, will visually add more.

My experience with clients aged 30 plus shows that they tend to look younger and choose clothes as if they were still 20 years old. Coco Chanel said: “By dressing for age, you will look younger.” Do not tighten the figure, do not create tension in the hips and abdomen.

I would advise Jeanne to replace her skirt, blouse or sweater with a dress so that there is a single vertical line. You can change this set for a dress with a vertical row of buttons, a stitching, a seam – for a figure with a slightly increased fullness, a vertical is definitely needed, so you will seem slimmer. Fittedness, narrowness of the midi skirt is welcomed. If you feel cramped, choose models with a side or back slit. Create elegance with a dress rather than a tight-fitting skirt.

Jeanne’s brightness needs to be maintained in color without adding volume. The neckline will accentuate your beautiful breasts. The length of the midi will stretch the silhouette, make it more slender. The belt will accentuate the waist. By the way, a great trick: if you feel insecure about your slimness, give preference to variegated colors – a red herring. I would add a heel to the dress.

Anastasia, 26, mother of a three-year-old daughter and tour guide

– I love total black and I feel confident. I don’t really understand the combination of the color scheme of clothes, as I see, how I like it, and I dress, I try to dilute the image with bright spots. I feel comfortable in loose clothing, in my opinion, it’s beautiful.

Stylist comment:

– Anastasia looks great, she has a good figure, wonderful age. She has no dress code and no attachment to how she should look. It’s good that she tries to add bright spots to the image. I would advise her to lighter colors, because total black is still not for the image of a mother, especially a girl’s mother. I recommend including light dresses in the image, in terms of both style and colors, you can try floral prints. On your feet – Cossacks, you can sneakers, whatever is more comfortable.

Maria, 29 years old, her own business

– This image was chosen for a corporate event, on what basis I chose – I can’t say, I just came to the boutique, saw it, tried it on, and I liked it.

Stylist comment:

– Maria has a good figure, long legs – the mini suits her. I know the style of the company in which Maria works – you need to have charisma, be a leader and lead people, so such a defiant image would be appropriate. The only thing is, I would replace black ankle boots with light, white and not open-toed boots, or I would choose silver pumps to match the belt or fringe on the dress.

Oksana, 40 years old

– This image was chosen to participate in the project, we were told to come smart, in something silver. I choose clothes to suit my mood, I do not collect the image in advance, but on the day of the event, I just take things out of the closet.

Stylist comment:

– A beautiful woman with a gorgeous figure, which she ruined by wearing such accessories. A coarse black belt, which does not carry any semantic load – it does not support or emphasize the waist, on the contrary, it is lowered, creates a feeling of untidiness. Black heavy shoes do not go at all to a light image and appearance. The dress communicates well with the image of its mistress; it can be saved by replacing the black belt with a thin silver or gold one. Tights of this color – down with them, you need transparent 8-10 denier without shine or even take them off if the format of the event allows. On the legs are silvery or nude boats. The clutch is gold or silver.

Larisa, 45 years old, works at a school

– I put on this dress on the eve of March 8th. A friend gave it to me, I like it, although I don’t like elastic bands on my belt or belt, they bother me.

Stylist comment:

– If you have a soft shape at the waist and hips, elastic bands should be excluded, as they create additional volume and will forgive the appearance. The color of Larisa’s dress is too muted and gives a green tint to her face. I would recommend Larisa warm light shades, especially on the face. The silhouette of the dress is fitted with a flared bottom or a sheath dress that will taper, the length is midi. I advise you to choose fabrics that are plain or with a pattern, but not a small flower, it will give a rustic look. The shoes Larisa are wearing are too dramatic for her type of appearance, deep black. I suggest replacing it with light gray, you can try red ones. For corpulent figures, you do not need a thin heel, choose a wide, stable one, there should be no feeling of heaviness.

Beige is the base color for Larisa. Her appearance is very warm, she needs the same colors in her wardrobe. Her “black” is burgundy, anthracite, brown, deep green, violet. I chose the shoes for Larisa to match the hair color – they will always be in harmony with the image (the dress can be of any color). For example, red – a calm fit of the hips and a high waistline (legs seem to be longer). The scent gives freedom of movement and shows beautiful legs.

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