12 countries where you can still fly on vacation

Unlike last year, this one has increased the chances of flying far away.

From April 15, the favorite resorts of Russians will be temporarily unavailable: due to a sharp increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus in Turkey, Russia has limited flights, and also closed flights with Tanzania, which became a discovery for our tourists last year. We talked about what to do if the tours are on hand, and you won’t be able to rest, we talked in this article. Now let us remind you where else you can fly.

Attention! The COVID-19 pandemic has not yet receded, so stay alert and follow safety precautions. Wash your hands, wear masks, and avoid crowds. When planning your trip, pay attention to the statistics on the incidence of coronavirus in this country.


In the Emirates, the incidence of coronavirus is declining, however, there are separate rules for tourists. It is better to download the DXB Smart App or Pure Health App before departure – they will receive the results of PCR tests and they will also track your location.

Entry conditions: PCR test results on paper (preferably in English, done 72 hours before departure). Children under 12 and people with severe disabilities do not need to take the test. Before boarding the plane, passengers fill out a “health declaration”, upon arrival at the airport they need to pass another test. Leaving the hotel room is prohibited until the results of this test appear. All tourists also need additional medical insurance against coronavirus, which covers possible hospitalization and observation.


Georgia lifted all restrictions on regular international air traffic in February, and since March, Russians can officially enter the territory of the state. Now the Georgian government is working to simplify the regime of entry into the country while observing the necessary security standards.

Conditions of entry: negative test for coronavirus or a certificate of a full course of vaccination. You also need to fill out a special application form no later than 48 hours before arriving in Georgia. On the third day of stay in Georgia, the test will have to be passed again.


There is no air connection between Russia and Abkhazia – not a single airport operates in the republic. But pedestrian, road and rail links have been restored since August last year. You can get to Abkhazia through Sochi.

Conditions of entry: none. In both directions, travelers should not require a certificate of the absence of coronavirus or a two-week quarantine. Upon their return, Russian tourists also do not need to take a PCR test (unlike other foreign destinations).


The country has been receiving Russian tourists since April. In addition to documents confirming health, a visa is required (which is not currently issued in consular services in the Russian Federation). A valid Schengen or Cypriot visa will do, ATOR reports.

Entry conditions: negative PCR test done no earlier than 48 hours before arrival. On the tenth day of stay in Croatia, you need to do a second test.

In addition, you can enter the territory of the state with a certificate of a full course of vaccination against coronavirus, while at least 14 days must elapse from the moment the second component of the vaccine is introduced. If you have a certificate, you do not need to take PCR. Children under 7 years old do not need certificates.


The Montenegrin authorities have opened the borders for Russian tourists who have a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus. But direct flights between the countries are still suspended. Tourists arrive mainly via Istanbul or Belgrade.

Conditions of entry: a certificate of a full course of vaccination against coronavirus (the deadline for receipt is at least a week before arrival in Montenegro) and a negative PCR test done 48 hours in advance.


Air traffic between Russia and Egypt is established only through Moscow. You can get to the resorts by transfer through Cairo. A visa for Egypt is not required, but you can stay in the country only with your passport for no more than one month.

Entry conditions: negative PCR test done 72 hours before arrival. The certificate must be in English, signed by the doctor and stamped by the clinic, handwritten letters are not accepted. You can take the test on arrival, but it is quite an expensive pleasure – about $ 30.


The Republic of Cyprus opened its borders to tourists from Russia on April 1.

Conditions of entry: negative PCR test taken 72 hours before departure (you can not take it to children under 12 years old). Upload the result to the Cyprus Flight Pass platform.


The Maldives has been open to Russians since September last year. You do not need a visa to enter, it is enough that the passport is “older” than six months. You can stay on the islands for up to 30 days.

Conditions of entry: PCR test done no earlier than 96 hours before the trip. You can not take the test only for children under one year old. If you suspect signs of covid at the airport, you and your family members will have to take a second test (the cost of the study is about $ 100 per person).

Dominican Republic

There is no direct connection between Russia and the Dominican Republic yet, but the resorts can be reached by charter. You do not need a visa for a journey of less than a month.

Conditions of entry: medical examination at the airport and filling out a health declaration.

Sri Lanka

Air traffic with Sri Lanka has been operating since April 1, however, the rules of entry are not simple. The tourist needs to fill out an online visa application, and together with it, book a room in one of the certified hotels and pre-pay for the PCR test, medical insurance, which, in which case, will cover the cost of treatment for covid.

Conditions of entry: after the hotel room is booked and confirmation is received, the tourist needs to take care of the PCR test – it should be done no earlier than 96 hours before departure. Two more paid tests are taken upon arrival at the hotel.


Morocco has opened its borders for tourists coming from countries with which there is a visa-free regime. For Russian citizens arriving for less than 90 days, a visa is not required.

Conditions of entry: a certificate of the absence of coronavirus (expiration date – 48 hours) and a document confirming the hotel reservation.


From April, flights from Moscow to Varadero will fly up to seven times a week – at least that’s what the Federal Air Transport Agency said.

Conditions of entry: PCR test done 72 hours in advance, you will have to take another test upon arrival. Vaccination does not replace the requirement to take the test. For tourists, medical insurance against COVID-19 is also required, it costs about $ 30. When entering Cuba, you must fill out a health declaration.

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