12 procedures that will make you the queen of the flea market

The trend towards naturalness continues to feel quite confident and gradually captures the beauty sphere, moving from clothes to hair, from hair to makeup and further on increasing.

Acid stains are a thing of the past, wiping away tears, under the handle of doll lashes and frighteningly long molded nails. Calmness, harmony and naturalness are the main tendencies of our decade.

We have compiled in one list the most obvious anti-trends in personal care that make your image ridiculous, we advise you to say goodbye to them, no matter how hard it is.

Hollywood look

Three years ago, we all joined the queue for eyelash extensions, courageously kept (or slept peacefully) on the master’s couch for two or three hours, and today we are going to remove doll eyelashes in the same friendly formation – no one wants to be branded as a collective farmer. Growth as a service takes place, it is also offered in salons, but in a changed format. Moreover, men have also begun to extend eyelashes today – these are the impressions of a guy who has already tried the procedure on himself.

Classic extension with natural curvature is actual. Hollywood extensions – effects ranging from 3D and up with thick eyelashes, over 14mm in length, fox effect in the D curve – these are all signs of a lack of taste. Such extensions will visually make you older than your age – compare your reflection in the mirror with natural eyelashes and a bun, like a Soviet-made doll. Leave rhinestones, beads and other decorations in the past if you are not a participant in a dance freak show.

What’s relevant: torn eyelash line, sparse effect, ray effect. Everything strives to ensure that building up even in hypervolumes looks very natural.

Mocha eyelashes are in fashion – by changing the color of the eyelashes from black to brown, the look becomes more expressive and soft.

Wet effect – will appeal to those who love mascara, but cannot come to terms with its shortcomings in the form of daily tedious application in the morning and rinsing in the evening, shedding, smudges. The wet effect is done quickly, looks bright (especially with colored eyelashes), but will not suit owners of rare eyelashes. Looks great in short lengths. ⠀

Next to the extension, eyelash restoration procedures feel quite comfortable. Corduroy is a molecular eyelash reconstruction that should last for about two months. In the price list of beauty salons, you can also see lamination – a procedure that lengthens, curls and strengthens the structure of the eyelashes thanks to the means included in the composition. Both treatments promise that after repeated use, the need for mascara will disappear by itself.

Pay attention to the mistakes made by lashmakers, which will cost you health and money. If your masters do at least one of them – rather run, it can be dangerous.

Cat claws and pointe shoes

Nails should look as laconic and well-groomed as possible – this is the main rule: choose a monochromatic or minimalistic design. Forget stucco, rhinestones, crazy lengths, designs and stickers. Cat’s claws and pointe shoes are the main anti-trends in manicure in 2021; the only thing that looks worse than them is the overgrown gel polish, which had to be redone two weeks ago.

The pile of details on the nails gave way to naturalness and harmony, lovers of the motto “all the best at once” will have to accept this moment. Animal and any other prints on all 10 fingers are not a good idea, focus on one nail in combination with a discreet monochromatic manicure. Forget about shaggy manicure forever – it looks cheap.

You can try a multi-colored manicure, but on condition that the colors are in the same range, or such a choice is supported by informal details in your image. Inscriptions on nails and any other means of self-expression are relevant – this can be a life motto or political position, a picture with your mood or a self-portrait. Neon is popular again – for those who lack brightness, the idea of ​​completely abandoning gel polish and walking with a naturally well-groomed manicure is still alive.

A professional craftsman is guided by trends and will never offer you a clay flower in the middle of a thumbnail. Before visiting a manicure master, see for yourself what is relevant, and if you notice that your master commits at least one of these mistakes, immediately change him to a more professionally trained one.

Barbie hair

Despite the trend towards naturalness, hair extension services are actively offered in salons. It is important not to confuse thickening of hair with frankly peeking out long scanty strands from under your regrown square, a kind of Barbie – the fashion for such beauty did not last long and died in the 2010s.

The advantages of extensions are that with its help you can easily and quickly change the thickness and length of the hair. Today, masters use three extension techniques – hot (capsule, only natural hair), cold (hair is also attached to capsules, but the technique allows you to build up synthetic material) and ultrasonic. The essence of the latter method is in the action of an ultrasonic wave on keratin capsules, due to which they become soft, like plasticine, and are easily fixed.

Before the procedure, a professional master will assess the condition of your hair, give the necessary recommendations and will not suggest using synthetic strands. If you are suddenly offered building with metal beads, run away. This is a long outdated technique that will make you the queen of the 2010 ball. Hair extension can be considered a useful procedure if your hair is naturally not very thick: add a few strands to the back of your head for a thicker hair, experiment with the length (but without fanaticism) or try to build up a colored strand of interest for the sake of, if you want to add colors, such a procedure is inexpensive, if you don’t like it, the strand can be easily and quickly removed.

Square on a leg

Let’s figure out what hairstyles and coloring in 2021 will look ridiculous, but remember the main rule – you should choose a haircut according to your face type. So, leaving in the past clear graphic lines on the bangs, we give preference to light and airy. The natural structure of haircuts, which does not imply contrasts, is in fashion – smoother and smoother lines have replaced torn strands.

If you have a short bob haircut – a voluminous fluffy head is outdated, stylists recommend rounding the back of the head and leaving the haircut without extreme elongation to the face. The short cropped crown has lost its relevance and looks old-fashioned, just like voluminous and extremely shaved whiskey, but if your soul asks for experiments, you can make a side parting, braid one part of your hair into a tight spikelet, and leave the other part loose.

The black list of haircuts included an asymmetrical bob with a noticeable difference in the length of the strands and the so-called bob on the leg. Instead, a graphic square is gaining more and more popularity.

Thanks to the pop divas of our time, acid coloration has become almost the highest demand among colorists and therefore it has become very boring. Hair stylists advise to forget about bright colors for a while and give preference to natural shades. So, gray-ash coloration and other shades with a cold undertone, coloration of purple, blue, blue and indigo, acid shades (bright yellow, green, pink) are also included in the number of anti-trends. Stay away from fiery red, yellow blond, cold black.

Remember that we replace the doll’s clear curls with natural and flying ones, we leave short elastic curls on a short hairstyle and twist large romantic curls. The popularity of fantasy TV shows has brought fashion to the so-called elven haircuts, especially in combination with a light, almost white coloring – an option for the brave. We strongly recommend that you forget the word “highlighting”. Naturalness is in fashion – contrasts are useless.

Grilled chicken

The actual tan that we bring from the seaside vacation, resting under a palm tree, is correct, with SPF protection and by the hour. Everything that is created artificially has a framework of permissibility, which it is better not to go beyond.

Everyone remembers the times when tanning salons peaked: in 2009, tikinis, tanning oils and special glasses for tanning beds were part of our beauty routine, and every second girl sported an unnatural brownish-red skin. It looked especially scary when combined with bleached blonde hair. In 2021, such an image will only cause confusion, and tanning in a solarium, if it is so necessary, it is better to get it neatly and dosed.

Lips and cheekbones

Too frequent visits to the beautician will not help you if you do not know the measures and neglect the doctor’s recommendations. The services of a specialist have become more accessible, there is a fashion for beauty injections. Today, the pumped lips of a duck, which women massively pricked three to five years ago, look unnatural and old-fashioned. Huge lips have been replaced by a natural shape.

In case you are still going for a lip augmentation procedure: the procedure using biopolymer gel was popular about ten years ago. A professional will never suggest this method to you. The biopolymer gel does not dissolve, it can only be removed by surgery, and the gel particles will still remain inside the lip, which in any case will lead to inflammation. The biopolymer gel has the shape of a ball or oval, which gives the lips an unnatural shape. Fibrosis, inflammation, edema, and hyperemia may develop around the ball.

Cosmetologist-aesthetist Victoria Shvoren advises to refrain from camouflage with dense fillers of hyaluronic acid nasolayers. According to a specialist, this procedure is extremely dangerous, in inept hands a syringe can be a weapon for life-long blindness and even worse. The procedure does not cure bruises under the eyes in any way, it only hides them.

The situation under the dense gel can only get worse, as there was stagnation in the vessels, it will remain and even intensify under the pressure of the gel cakes from above. So, when the filler wears off, it will be even worse, Victoria said.

There was a period when sharp and high cheekbones were in vogue. To achieve this effect, a large amount of hyaluronic acid filler was injected into the cheekbones. Often it looked unnatural, immediately caught the eye and greatly changed the general proportions of the face – today it looks ridiculous.

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