58-year-old Siberian woman went to Dava’s concert and had a fight with the organizers

A 58-year-old resident of Novosibirsk had a fight with the organizers of Dava’s concert. The Siberian woman came from Zatulinka to the center to attend the concert of the “new rising star”

On March 19, a solo concert of Dava, our fellow countryman David Manukyan, took place in the Podzemka loft park. A 58-year-old resident of Novosibirsk went alone to his performance, was pleased with the concert – Olga managed to take a joint photo with Dava and get an autograph, but the organization of the concert outraged her. Due to the crowd in the hall, it was impossible to maintain social distance, many came without masks. But the most outrageous thing, according to Olga Simonova, is that the audience smoked right in the hall.

How do the leaders of the loft park explain this, and what else was the elderly fan of Dava unhappy with (everything turned out to be not so simple)?

I am retired, I am 58 years old. I am engaged in photography, I make friendly humorous photo charms for people from show business. I also maintain a page on social networks. I decided that it would be useful for my work and for my creativity. And in general I am interested in young talents. And this was a concert of a new rising star – Dava Manukyan. The man communicated and was close with Olga Buzova. Podzemka Loft Park is a wonderful art space, one might even say the best in the city. There is a concentration of all culture: both exhibitions and concerts.

I bought a VIP ticket in advance for 1700 rubles. I donated money from my beggarly pension, we don’t live in Great Britain, we don’t live in Europe, but I donated it anyway, I could, I dared.

What angered me:

1. Firstly, there were only standing places, this is a dance floor. And it’s all the same that I’m with a VIP ticket, and the other with a ticket is cheaper. All on equal terms. And if I came running from work, would be a little late, would stand with my VIP-ticket at the end with all state employees, who is twice as much and who paid half as much? This is such a monstrous injustice.

2. The mask regime was not observed, there were a lot of people – a crowd! Social distance was not respected.

3. Also, the visitors to the concert smoked. But there is a federal law, which was adopted on February 23, 2013, “On protecting the health of citizens from exposure to second hand tobacco smoke, the consequences of tobacco consumption or the consumption of nicotine-containing products,” which also includes vapes, electronic cigarettes, and hookahs. Moreover, the concert was held in a public place. And they smoked these vapes right in the crowd. They sent me to refrain from comments.

I approached the guards, who answered me that they could not help but let the people with the tickets pass. I also asked the manager why they smoke. To which she asked: then the smoke from the stage should also be banned?

The concert lasted two hours, after which I returned home with a square head and a beating heart. Of course, you say, grandma, don’t get into your sleigh, this is for young people. But, sorry, there was no age limit. I had the right to buy a ticket and go. Moreover, the audience was diverse. I am the oldest participant in the concert. There were gray-haired people, but of course I didn’t ask how old they were. There were both adults and young people. Maybe I was the oldest. But I don’t look old!

Dava is a fine fellow, he worked his way as best he could, as an aspiring singer and as an aspiring rapper. I did the photo session as I promised.

Commentary by Platon Gudkov, art director of the Podzemka loft park

It clearly seemed to her that this could not be. At the entrance, everyone came in masks, the temperature of the people was checked, the tables were treated with antiseptics. The distance between the tables is 1.5 meters.

Of course, everyone came right up to her and smoked a vape in her face! This woman, it seemed to him, was drunk, and it all seemed to her. She distracted about 40 minutes for the administrator and 20 minutes for the guards. Such a person would sit at home, and he makes a choice in favor of going somewhere.

The person just came in a bad mood and was not happy with what he was getting. She didn’t make a row, she didn’t shout, so no one took her out. She was just distracting. There is a disgruntled person at every event. If this is not the case, then something is wrong.

About drunkenness

I did not drink either before the concert or before the concert. Maybe I have such a diction, so I was mistaken for a chronic alcoholic. Or did they decide so because of the shaky gait? And I have sore legs, I stood on my feet for three hours. I am also a physician by training and I know that there are a lot of genetic, neurological diseases that give a wobbly gait that is not related to alcohol.

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