7 bitter stories of people who rented out and rented housing

Stories about tenants and tenants resonate with many Novosibirsk residents – tens of thousands of people rent out and rent apartments every year.

The other day a Siberian woman complained in her author’s column about a tenant who “killed” an expensively renovated apartment, and then ran away at night and left the keys in the mailbox.

In the comments, the townspeople shared their experience in renting and renting apartments – we chose the most interesting ones.

Perfect man

An NGS commentator under the nickname Bad_Good_Zloy told which people are usually rented out to apartments:

– Many years ago I was looking for an apartment for rent. Who knows will understand. Don’t smoke, don’t drink, no one should come to you, don’t touch anything. And pay a year in advance. And God forbid to say that you will live alone. But it’s even worse to say that with children. I found an apartment on Pokryshkina through a realtor, lived for six months. The hostess will call herself, she will come once a week, change the linen, do the cleaning, have tea in the kitchen, we’ll talk – and until next weekend. Thank you very much!

Men are sluts

Our regular reader under the nickname tommy58@ngs.ru told her story about buying an apartment:

– I bought an apartment after young men lived in it for five years. First, the owner’s son, and then the apartment was rented out. The last tenant I saw. An absolutely normal quiet freelancer, either an IT specialist, or a designer, a computer with two large monitors in the kitchen. I threw out the toilet, because no chemicals could make black white. She also threw the stove away, because it was scary to approach it, all covered in grease, dirt and smudges. It took five hours to scrape off the wall above the stove, it was even strange to find pink tiles under a layer of old yellow fat. The windows have never been washed (everything is smeared with cement, stickers not only on the frames, but also on the glass). The shower stall was opaque. At all. From limescale. Nothing was reflected in the mirror. It was possible to wash it after a couple of months (with a very concentrated solution of citric acid in several steps, I sincerely regretted that there was no gas mask). In addition, the entire shower room was strewn with hairs left from shaving.

7 stories about unscrupulous tenants and landlords. Landlords claim that this is the best way to rent out housing.

The mistress was reported to the police

Not everyone is lucky with tenants. A reader under the nickname Svetlana shared her bitter experience of renting an apartment:

– Parents rent out an apartment and live on this money. One-room apartment with simple renovation, inexpensive. But one fine day, the tenant stopped paying for the communal apartment and accommodation. They called and wrote to him, he said that he was not in the city, he could pay only in cash, so, they say, wait. And when they called a neighbor, she said that the tenant had been in the apartment all this time and, moreover, was taking out bags with packages with the men from the apartment. Mom wrote a message to him that we will come in the evening, period. And they came. The door was not opened. The parents opened it with their own key, made sure it was not there, and went home. And about 10 minutes after leaving, the tenant called and said that he saw how they entered the apartment, and that his mother had stolen the money from him. Bottom line: debt for 2 months for a communal apartment, for 2 months of residence, a statement to the police against my mother about theft. He was evicted with the participation of a district police officer. The apartment seemed to be normal, only it was all smoky. There is only one advice: do not enter the apartment without the presence of attesting witnesses or a district police officer, even if you are the owner.

Evening failed

A reader named Anna ran into trouble because of a friend of her tenant:

– I handed over a three-ruble note from room to room. Different people came across. Both normal and not. Once I handed over to a good-looking guy, and then the tenants of other rooms called and complained – a drug addict, burned all the linoleum. They moved in with the children – some stopped paying, they pressed on for pity – there was no money. So call your parents! “We don’t talk to them.” So you are talking to me? Should someone else’s aunt with her children delve into your problems? The second time I handed over to a woman with children – she brought the peasant to live. Well, okay, let him live. So the peasant arranged a gulba, he cut in the music so that the neighbors from above and below called me and complained. I called the lady, and she told me – I’m at work, I have no time now, he’s drunk there, go and drive me out. And I went to expose an unfamiliar drunken man. And she also asked to vacate the living space.

“Throws claims about the cabinet”

Someone begins to be unlucky even at the stage of choosing an apartment. The commentator under the anonymous nickname Toshchaya told what excuses landlords might have:

– I looked at the apartment with the realtor. At that time I was 29 years old, the position of the head of a department in a decent organization, which many people in the city know. I do not smoke, I drink alcohol minimally, I don’t like to drive guests, I don’t keep animals, I don’t have children. I mostly eat and sleep in the apartment. I came to the meeting from work, in business clothes. They refused to take me because:

1. I asked if the hostess would mind if my parents came to visit me once a year.

2. I didn’t really like that the apartment has no closet for clothes, none at all. Only the collective farm hanger in the corridor.

3. I have a temporary registration in my city, not a permanent one.

The realtor then conveyed the words of the owners: “Some kind of Bichovka without registration, she has gathered to drive guests and also throws complaints about the closet.”

And I remembered another apartment … I asked if there was a microwave. By the way, if it weren’t for it, I would have bought it myself, and that’s all. In response to this, the owner (he looked about 55 years old) burst into a tirade that microwaves are harmful and generally for the lazy. There, they say, a girl came before me to look at the apartment, so she generally asked about the dishwasher! To what modern women have reached, they are lazy, they cannot wash the dishes with their hands, they cannot reheat food on the stove … With this, I neatly turned off communication with the owner and asked the realtor to show me something else.

There will be a pledge!

A reader under the nickname kitties told why not only an agreement with tenants is needed, but also a mandatory deposit:

– I am a confidant of two relatives when renting an apartment (they work themselves, they have no time, so I help them with showing apartments). Both the one and the other had tenants with a realtor. So those realtors only gasped on my contract, like, “Well, why include all this?” And my contract is supplemented with new clauses almost after each new tenant, so to speak, in fact, “stocks”. And some applicants for tenants, having read their copy, quietly “merge”. Because they understand that they will not fulfill the conditions, which means they will be evicted without refunding the deposit (I take a deposit for one apartment, the second mistress thinks that just to hand over, and therefore she already got the money, but I can’t convince her). The second was robbed (washing machine, hanging kitchen cabinets, wardrobe), and neighbors two floors below were flooded (she herself had to give 23 thousand to the “lower” owners, that is, the rent for 1.5 months, and even to do repairs at her place, I don’t know how much it turned out). Now she has a large family (she passed it herself), which consistently delays her payment (due three months in advance). No, they give it back, but in parts, and the debt keeps growing … At the same time, they bought something somewhere on a mortgage, they already bought a washing machine and a stove at a discount.

You “killed” my apartment!

Another reader, Anna, told why you shouldn’t change anything in a rented apartment:

– Rented an apartment. The apartment is gorgeous, large, in the center, but dead in terms of renovation. I drove in on the condition that I would make repairs. And, apparently, she misunderstood something. As a result, I made repairs in several rooms, threw off photos “before” and “after” to the hostess. The wallpaper is new, the window openings have been painted, the wallpaper in the corridor has been peeled off by a dog. So I covered half with panels, it turned out decently. The hostess sends emoticons in response. When I dropped the checks, she told me – and I didn’t ask you to do the repairs, you are doing this for yourself. Well, okay, I think, one cannot live in such horror, where the windows are black soot and the wallpaper is lagging behind the blackened walls. They paid regularly, bought an apartment, moved out, rented out an apartment.

Two months later, the phone rings – you “killed” our apartment, pay the invoice of the cleaning service! Excuse me, but when you came to take the apartment, why did no one tell us that the apartment was “killed”? Maybe the cleaning service was horrified by the state of your kitchen, which I left in its original form (did not begin to make repairs) and it stood out in a nightmarish way against the background of the rest of the apartment where I made repairs? Black ceilings, black smoky corners, blackened old wallpaper? Our only fault is, throw tomatoes at me, we clogged the sink in the toilet. But in order to repair it, it was necessary to break the beautiful faience with which the knee of the sink was walled up. I think my repair costs were more than covered. But the hostess was very unhappy with us.

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