A disabled person with cerebral palsy was deprived of walks by the decision of a meeting of residents

The Novosibirsk disabled person was deprived of the only ramp due to disputes with the HOA. Now a young person with cerebral palsy is forced to walk on a ramp, because it is impossible to go beyond him.

Disabled people in Novosibirsk complain about the inaccessibility of the urban environment. Often, they have to create any conveniences for everyday life on their own or with the help of loved ones. So it happened with a resident of Novosibirsk, Alexander Smolyanov.

He built a ramp for his son with cerebral palsy, agreed with the tenants, but later, due to a dispute with the HOA, the structure was not available for use. The child was left without walks and going out into the street. How it happened, read in the author’s column in the first person.

My son was born with cerebral palsy, a disabled person of the first group. Now he is 23 years old, and I am a parent and guardian, since he is already an adult. He does not move independently, does not serve himself, I move him with the help of a wheelchair. We have been living together for many years without his mother.

When I bought a new apartment, in addition to repairs, it was necessary to build a ramp so that I could go out into the street with my son. In this regard, the first year the son did not walk at all – there was no technical possibility. Our house faces two sides: on the one hand – the courtyard of the house on Novogodnaya street, on the other – Akmolinskaya street. On the one hand, the exit to the street is not suitable for the exit of the wheelchair: the staircase is uncomfortable, and on the other hand, a metal structure had to be made. More than 100 thousand rubles were spent on the ramp, which faces the neighbor’s house. I made this device myself, at my own expense.

There is also a fence between our house and our neighbor’s. I had to collect signatures from neighbors in order to agree on the installation of a wicket in this fence. Otherwise, the son would have remained locked up. Much later, when the financial opportunity arose, I built a lifting mechanism for the stroller, but we did not use it for long: it constantly broke down, I repaired and repaired again. Now it has been defective for a long time.

Since the purchase of an apartment in this house, we have been part of the Novogodnee HOA. Later I learned that the HOA does not provide us with any services, except that they have communications (cold, hot water and heating) connected to us. It was decided to leave the HOA and go to the direct form of house management. Now the residents of our house pay directly for the services of resource-providing organizations themselves. In an amicable way, unfortunately, we did not manage to part with the HOA. We were in litigation, but we lost the trial. We tried to prove that we are illegally in the HOA and that it does not provide us with any services. But the court took not our side. I think this is some kind of established practice in relation to homeowners.

As a result, this HOA decided to restrict access to its territory to the residents of our house. That is, it closed the passage to our housing through its territory and warned us with a letter about closing the gates in the fence (the very ones that were made by our house).

Children went to school along this territory, and through this gate they went to the children’s playground. The playground, by the way, was built at one time for the money during the construction of our house. And now children do not have the opportunity to walk on it. Also, money was paid for communications during construction work in this HOA, for future transit through them.

But I have my own problem – that a disabled person of the first group, because of this decision, cannot just go out for a walk. This is revenge for the fact that we stopped paying in the HOA, and began to work with organizations directly. Thus, residents saved a significant part of their budget: they paid 5-7 thousand more per month than they are now. Another 13 to 17 thousand were given at the end of the year to the HOA for some previously unaccounted for additional expenses at the end of the year.

Now my son and I go out for a walk on the porch, on the ramp, to the closed gate. To let him down for a walk, you need to throw the person over the fence, which is unrealistic, or carry him up the stairs in your arms. It weighs about 70 kg, and I have back problems. And so it turns out that because of someone’s initiative we do not go for a walk beyond the ramp. Now I am only interested in the result – so that my son and I are finally allowed to go out for a walk, so that he does not sit locked up.

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