A map with the parks of Novosibirsk, will help you find the Garden of Eden and Lovers’ Square

In Novosibirsk, they compiled a list of green areas and mapped them. 230 public and green areas were marked on the map: from among them there are existing parks and squares, and promising

The Public Spaces Improvement Department of the Novosibirsk Mayor’s Office carried out an inventory of all public areas in the city – they were marked on the municipal map.

In total, after the inventory, which was carried out in 2020, 230 such spaces were noted in the city, of which 116 are green areas, which are occupied by MKU Gorzelenkhoz and MKU Sovetskoye. These include squares, boulevards, alleys and flower beds. Such an inventory will be carried out every three years.

Presenting the report on the work of the department last year, its head Vadim Poleshchuk noted that not all of them were included in the list of 230 territories. Some small squares were not marked on the map: for example, the A. Griboyedov Square or the green zone at the intersection of Sverdlov and Serebrennikovskaya streets.

– It is clear that these are not all green areas in the city, gradually this list will be replenished with new addresses, – he explained. – A landscaping passport has been developed for each territory, which contains data on the area, boundaries, the state of landscaping and landscaping. The data has been entered into the municipal GIS portal and is already available for every visitor.

To see which territories are marked on the map, you need to click on the inscription “List of public areas”. Among them there are duck backwaters, the Garden of Eden, Lovers’ Square, Alhambra Square, Glory Square and many others.

Public spaces are marked with dark green borders on the map. All lawns, trees and bushes, driveways and paths, fences and buildings are also marked on them. This also applies to promising territories that are not well-maintained today: the map showed green areas and public spaces inside the trolleybus ring on Boris Bogatkov Street, near a small lake on Lazurnaya Street and along a private sector near Lake Nadezhda.

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