After recalculation for heating, the Siberian woman received a bill for 6,000 instead of 800 rubles

A resident of Novosibirsk, Yulia, received a heating bill in February, which indicated that after recalculation, she had to pay another 4,500 rubles for the last year. At the same time, according to her observations, more heat did not enter the apartment.

Yulia said that she lives in a house on Ryabinovaya Street, 10/1.

– I paid about 800 a month last year. I calculated that I had paid about 9600 rubles for the year. In this I was charged another 4000 rubles, almost 400 rubles in January. It turned out that I had to pay almost 6,000 rubles for heating this month. I called SGK, they told how they charge the fee and recalculate it in the first quarter. I asked why the price went up so much? I get a surcharge almost 50% of what I have already paid. I didn’t get enough heat anymore to “fry”, – Julia told NGS.

The woman noted that in previous years, after recalculation, it turned out that the house had overpaid for heating in the previous period. Therefore, the bills were getting lower.

– I saw that people were credited 1000 more, 1500, I have nothing against this. But 4500 – I have no idea where this figure comes from. There should be all windows, doors wide open, we should heat the street, probably, so that such a sum will be taken, – said the Siberian woman.

The information was commented on in the press service of the Siberian generating company. The specialists explained that the additional charge was due to the fact that the heat consumption by the house was more than the volume for which they paid for the whole year.

“This calculation procedure is provided for in Novosibirsk by the regional government decree No. 211. According to the document, payment for heating is made throughout the year in a fixed amount with subsequent annual adjustments in the first quarter of next year,” the SGK said.

The company clarified that heat consumption is influenced by the weather and the duration of the heating season, the quality of thermal insulation and the building’s heating system. The cost of services may change due to failure or commissioning of heating meters. The reasons for the increase in heating bills can be dealt with individually.

Later, Julia learned through the management company the total area of ​​her house – 45,925 sq. m – and received data from heat meters. Then I calculated the amount for heating in the entire building for 2020 – it was 5,128,355.27 rubles. Then she divided this amount by the area of ​​the building – it turned out that the price per square meter was 111.67 rubles. Her woman multiplied by the area of ​​her apartment.

– 2,242.33 rubles – this is a surcharge that should be charged to me for 2020 instead of 4,500 rubles, – says Yulia.

Upon request, SGK provided a calculation of the annual heating adjustment. It states that the total area of ​​the house is 29,854.30 sq. m, and the amount of the adjustment is 4501 rubles.

In January, Novosibirsk residents told the NGS that they received large heating bills. We have published instructions with which you can understand whether such an amount is justified and where you can go with a complaint about the work of the management company.

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