An unusual model from Zambia met love in Novosibirsk

A model from Zambia met love in Novosibirsk. Ironically, Prudence Hamwala met her fellow countryman (they both came to Russia from Zambia) in Novosibirsk

What are the chances of meeting love in Siberia if you both come from distant hot Africa? For 20-year-old Prudens Hamvala, this happened quite by accident – a year ago, at a student party, she met a guy who turned out to be her fellow countryman. The young man, like Prudence, came to Novosibirsk from Zambia to study. A spark flashed between them, which has not extinguished to this day. NGS correspondent Alena Zolotukhina spoke with a spectacular girl and asked to tell how an African woman lives in Novosibirsk.

Originally from Zambia, Prudence Hamwala is a small country in South Africa that is famous for its parks and safari areas. In Africa, the girl lived with her parents, graduated from school and got a job in her father’s company.

For some time, Prudence worked in the field of sales, after which she began to understand that the industry was not suitable for her, she was much more interested in chemistry. The African woman plucked up the courage and set off for a dream in distant Siberia – to enter a medical university. For about a year now, Prudence has been living, studying and working in Novosibirsk – she entered NSMU as a pharmacist.

“Life in Russia is more interesting for me, I’m discovering a new interesting culture, meeting amazing people,” says Prudence.

The girl notes that their African culture is very different from ours, Russian: people in Russia, in her opinion, are more serious, in Africa everything is much simpler, communication is easy, without unnecessary formalities. She is already used to life in Novosibirsk, she likes the city, and the only thing that Prudence cannot get used to is the cold.

It so happened that it was in Novosibirsk that Prudence met her love. Her boyfriend is also from Zambia. In Africa, he helped his father on the farm, and after leaving school he left for Russia to enter the university as an engineer. The couple has been dating for a year, and the guys met in Siberia, at a student party.

“I didn’t consider my relationship with a Russian man, but they paid attention to me,” says Prudence and adds that she chose someone who is closer to her in spirit, interests and outlook on life.

In addition to her studies, Prudence works as a model – the girl’s appearance does not go unnoticed, she says that Russians react violently to her, especially their hair. The African model is invited to various shootings: most recently, Prudence took part in a project whose goal was to show that girls with an unusual appearance are also worthy of love – despite the fact that they fixate on their “imperfection”.

– The idea of ​​the project is to show that we are all unique. There is no such thing that a person is not perfect enough to be loved. We showed in the project beautiful and unique girls, with their own interesting history, who are absolutely happy in a relationship. We often dwell on imperfections in our appearance and forget that this is not critical in love. In our project, we wanted to draw attention to this. Prudence’s story is also unique – the girl ended up in a different city, in a different culture, where she is very different, but this did not prevent her from finding love, – says the organizer and photographer of the project Rina Kairbekova.

The main idea of ​​the project is that girls often fixate on their appearance and think that they do not deserve love, because they are not ideal, but this is absolutely not the case.

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