Analysis of the situation – you violate, but in an accident you will be right

Accidents with cars that rush along dedicated lanes are already classics of the genre. In the latest issue of the column “Where are you driving?” two such accidents at once on Krasny Prospekt, which occurred according to the same scenario.

Factors that lead to such accidents: inattention, bearish services and driving on a dedicated line itself. Read more in the article by Dmitry Kosenko.

The first road accident occurred at the intersection of Red Avenue and Derzhavin Street (green is lit for cars along the avenue). A dark Toyota Camry is in the gap of the avenue, and then it tries to drive along Derzhavin – a dark foreign car obligingly gives way to it. In the next instant, the Porsche-Macan crossover crashes into the Camry, which, in all likelihood, was traveling at high speed in a designated lane.

The second accident took place at the now textbook Red – Gogol intersection (green is also lit for cars along the avenue). The white sedan is in the Red Gap and is waiting for the opportunity to drive along Gogol in the direction of the circus. There are cars on the avenue in the left and middle lane doing a disservice and letting the sedan pass, and then another white car crashes into it, which follows in the right lane along a dedicated lane at high speed. Watch the video.

Such accidents occur with enviable regularity, especially at the intersection with Gogol. Videos of accidents are posted on social networks, dismantled on the NGS. Well, drivers can already remember why such turns and turns on Red Avenue (and in other places where there are dedicated lanes) are dangerous.

– Those who are on Krasnoye are not to blame. Those who went to the greenhouse are right, ”says Oksana Kositskaya, head of the Alliance emergency commissioners service.

Clause 13.4 of the SDA. When turning left or making a U-turn at a green traffic light, the driver of a trackless vehicle must give way to vehicles moving from the opposite direction straight or to the right.

As for driving on a dedicated line, there are subtle points. Yes, driving on the dedicated lane is prohibited, but this is a separate violation that does not override the priority rules at the intersection. In addition, before the intersections with Derzhavin and Gogol, the solid line marking the bus lane is interrupted so that cars can enter this lane to turn right (as can be seen in Yandex.Panoram images).

That is, formally, cars in this lane are legally located.

– If he drove into that part of the line that is interrupted, and if he entered it where the marking has already been interrupted, then he is right, – Oksana Kositskaya notes.

So drivers, turning and turning where there are dedicated lines, should remember that some hurry can rush along this special lane, and he will be right in case of an accident. And if you take responsibility for a traffic violation and drive along the bus lane, then at least slow down in front of intersections, where to fly like that.

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