Choosing the 10 best businesses in Novosibirsk

The third “People’s Prize of the NGS” has started in Novosibirsk. It is you, dear readers, who will decide which of the Novosibirsk residents will rise on the same stage with Ivan Urgant and Ekaterina Skulkina 

Dear residents of Novosibirsk, we have two news for you. And both are good! First, a real spring has come to Novosibirsk today (forecasters promise up to +10 degrees). Secondly, the third “People’s Award of the NGS” starts this Monday – the same legendary one with online voting, an intense struggle between the best companies in the city and an award ceremony on the NOVAT stage with star hosts.

In 2020, we were unable to host the NHS People’s Award due to the pandemic and restrictions that were adopted on March 30th. The year turned out to be difficult: the restrictions were extended every month, in our life there was a minimum of communication and a maximum of precautions. But the situation is improving: the world has learned to live by new rules, scientists have developed a vaccine, the numbers in the headquarters statistics are gradually declining.

We are for the return to normal life, for the improvement of the economy and for the city to flourish and business to find new opportunities for growth and development. Let spring 2021 be associated with new hopes and a new “People’s NHS Award”. We miss you! And we propose to together choose people and businesses who distinguished themselves and did something important in the difficult 2020 in order to reward them on the NOVAT stage.

What nominations are there this year?

Every year we slightly change the nominations to cover more different spheres of life of Novosibirsk residents, but some of them remain traditional:

In addition, there will be two social nominations from the Government of the Novosibirsk region.

If you have nominated your favorite business before, then you know what to do: just click on the name of the nomination and propose your candidate. And if you are here for the first time, then below you will find detailed instructions on how to nominate a business and vote.

How to nominate and vote for your favorite business?

The award will be held in several stages.

First step. From April 5 to April 30, Novosibirsk residents will be able to nominate their favorite companies on the special site of the “People’s NGS Prize”. You can nominate candidates in 9 nominations, but only one in each. Click the “Suggest a Nominee” button on the award page or go straight to the tab with the nominees and suggest the best.

As before, we will ask you to log in to avoid cheating. This year we made authorization more convenient for regular readers of the site: if you already have a profile on the NGS, you can log in through it. If you don’t have a profile, you can create one – it’s easy. You can also log in through your Yandex and Google account. And, of course, we also saved authorization via social networks – use the option that is convenient for you.

Second phase. From May 1 to May 3, we will collect the names of all the companies that you have proposed, recount them, and form a short list of the 10 most frequently named in each nomination.

Stage three. From May 4 to May 28, voting will take place on the website of the award. The rules are the same: you can vote in each nomination only once and only for one participant. Until the end of the voting and until the awards ceremony, no one will know the names of the winners. They will be named on the NOVAT stage on May 29 during the awards ceremony – this will be the fourth and most beautiful stage.

What will the winners get?

The best in each nomination will receive a statuette, and the rest of the top 10 will be awarded beautiful glass diplomas. To be shortlisted is already a big victory. After all, residents of the city nominate thousands of different companies (there were 4,500 nominees for the previous award alone!). And if you hit the top ten, it means that most people have chosen you. And this is really a victory!

Which stars are invited to the final ceremony?

Every year, not only the participants, guests and friends of the editorial staff of the NGS gather at the final of the “People’s Prize of the NGS”, but also the heroes and stars beloved by many.

For the first time, the award was held in 2018, the award ceremony was then hosted by Elena Letuchaya. In 2019, the final ceremony was hosted by Ivan Urgant. This year, the award will again be hosted by Ivan Urgant, and Ekaterina Skulkina will be his co-host.

People’s heroes will also rise on the stage for the presentation of the awards – people you know, about whom we wrote, but we still keep their names a secret. You can see who presented the award at the last award.

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