Column-opinion about the pros in the Novosibirsk winter, mud and slush

Of course, anyone can spoil the place where you live, but find the pluses? Otherwise, why do you live here ? So enough of the bay, today we will talk about the advantages of the Novosibirsk climate, about the changing seasons, about the onset of spring and summer, about a large number of sunny days and long evenings.

Here you live in the south – you have warmth all year round, green palms, warm water. Then everything becomes boring, and you stop appreciating these things. And Siberians every year experience the onset of spring, the rebirth of life, uplifting moods and all that.

Yes, there are not many advantages in the Novosibirsk winter – well, there are sledges / skis, sometimes white sparkling snow, fresh frosty air. Basically, these are cold weather, unclean snow, dirt, endless traffic jams, a lot of clothes on you and the like. The main advantage of our winter is that every year it leaves and is replaced by spring. Let the slush be even more, there is sand on the teeth, poop float up from under the snow all around, and you can forget about clean shoes.

But the sky turns blue, the day becomes longer, the mood improves, the atmosphere of a premonition of something good hangs in the air – you will not experience any of this in any Thailand. Why is this happening? The course of the seasons can be compared to a person’s life: spring is birth and the beginning of life, summer is carefree youth, autumn is maturity with its troubles, winter is death.

So every year we experience the joy of the rebirth of life (although we pay for this by “dying” every year) – at least some kind of movement. Someone else likes autumn with its colorful leaves, but I personally do not, especially the end of autumn – when nature is beating in its death throes.

What other advantages are there in the Novosibirsk climate? For example, a sufficient number of sunny days. Long daylight hours in spring and summer, which again gives more sunshine. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, it gets dark earlier, and in the notorious Thailand at exactly six in the evening, as if on command, they turn off the heavenly lamp – once, and darkness.

We have relatively fresh air – have you ever been to Krasnoyarsk or Novokuznetsk? Try it, live in some Asian metropolis, especially a Chinese one, find out what smog is. By the way, something has ceased to stink of pigs.

So we smile and plow. And we are waiting for April, the best month of the year, when it is already warm / light and everything is still ahead – there are only two weeks left.

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