Cottage by the Ob Sea, village houses and a room at the bathhouse for 60 thousand

Novosibirsk residents have opened the season and are leasing summer cottages. Despite the incredible demand for rentals last year, there have been no more options in this market. But there is plenty to choose from

A year ago, Novosibirsk residents were almost forbidden to leave their homes – the city was covered by the first wave of the then still obscure coronavirus. The townspeople spent almost the entire summer in self-isolation, and the borders of many countries where Russians liked to fly on vacation are still closed. Therefore, the influx of vacationers was taken over by dacha villages, and the demand for rental houses has jumped several times. Today, the choice of where to spend a vacation is wider, but for some, a dacha is still the best option. Liza Pichugina looked at what dachas are being rented out in the Novosibirsk region.

After the second wave of coronavirus and in anticipation of the third, one would assume that new high-quality offers will appear – such a sure way to make money. But, as practice shows, the situation has not noticeably improved, and rental options are offered mainly for daily rent.

On “Avito” and N1, taken together, there are not even twenty ads for those who would like to move to a dacha, and not to an expensive country cottage for the season. At the same time, rental rates are quite urban.

Stylish house next to the owners for 60 thousand

Country rental rates in the available options are comparable to city apartments and vary from 20 to 60 thousand rubles per month. One of the two most expensive options was found in Borovoe. A stylish one-story log house with a total area of ​​100 square meters with a sauna and one room was built on the same plot with the owners’ house.

The room, as indicated in the ad, has six beds, huge windows and a fireplace, a small kitchen is equipped. Outside there is a beautiful well-kept garden with flower beds. The location on the map is roughly indicated, but in general Borovoe is a well-known vacation spot for Novosibirsk residents: there are pine trees around, near a river. How comfortable it is to live the whole season side by side with the owners of the house is a moot point. Whether they have such experience, it was not possible to find out – no one answered the phone number indicated in the ad.

Another problem is remoteness. If a year ago, with closed offices, it was quite possible to self-isolate here for the whole summer, but now it is rather problematic to travel from Borovoe to the city every day. But in order to take the children out of the city, it is not a bad option. The main thing is to find 120 thousand of collateral for all the comfort described in the ad.

Cottage “at a dead end” on the banks of the Birdie for 60 thousand

Another option for the same 60 thousand is offered in Iskitim, in ST “Culture” on the banks of Berdi. True, it is more difficult to call a three-storey cottage with an area of ​​160 square meters for 5 rooms as a garden or summer house. If you believe the description, the cottage is located on the first street from the water, there is a descent to the beach.

– The site is at a dead end, no strangers, good neighbors, – indicated in the announcement. – The company is guarded, entrance through a checkpoint with an automatic barrier, entrance and streets under video surveillance, street lighting, 50 meters from the house – a playground.

The house has a kitchen with a refrigerator, on the site there is a bathhouse and places for planting vegetables. What is important for those who have to wander into the city all summer, the 52 km station is within walking distance (or the Berdsky Sovkhoz – a summer cottage settlement stretched between them along the river bank), on the other side of the railway line there is the village of Lebedevka with shops.

The owners do not require a deposit, and if you pay at once for the entire season from May to August, then you can call in in April and stay until October. Almost six months living in nature for 180 thousand rubles – a kind of downshifting in Siberian style.

Small modest house with a bathhouse for 44.5 thousand

For 44.5 thousand rubles a month, you can rent a dacha behind Kainskaya Zaimka, in the garden partnership “Experimenter”. The description of the option is meager, in the photo there is a small house with an area of ​​only 27 square meters with a small kitchen and a la naturel finish (in the sense, not covered with OSB slab), but with the necessary minimum for living.

On the site next to the house – it seems that the same area is a gazebo for a large feast and a place for a fire, there is a bathhouse. The remaining hundred square meters, judging by the photo, are mainly occupied by the lawn: there is no information about plantings. The ad states that the nearest stop is a 10-minute walk away – probably through the forest in Kainskaya Zaimka.

House of 150 squares and 18 acres of land for 40 thousand

For some reason, most of the options for renting summer cottages have been published in Ordynka. In SNT “Victoria”, for example, a relatively new house with an area of ​​150 square meters on 18 acres of land will cost 40 thousand rubles a month. Apparently, all the amenities here are located in the house, including the bathhouse: on the site there is only a lawn, an ornamental well, a greenhouse, shrubs and several beds, as well as an intricate multi-tiered flower bed. To stop here you will have to walk through two neighboring summer cottages, and to get to the city it will take about 2 hours. But in a few minutes on foot – the Ob reservoir.

Classic cottage with a lawn and a pond for 40 thousand

There, and at the same price, another dacha is rented out: the house is smaller here, but the plot is more inhabited, with a gazebo, beautiful flower beds, a smooth lawn and even an artificial pond. The owners promise excellent fishing and good rest, but, judging by the announcement, they are not chasing tenants for the whole season: you can rent a dacha for a weekend or vacation.

“Chaikhana” in a pine forest

A little closer to the city, in the village of Chernakovo, you can rent a modest cozy dacha under the name “Chaikhana”. The area of ​​the brick house is only 30 square meters, but it was built right in a pine forest and a five-minute walk from the sandy beach of the Ob reservoir. The house has two rooms and a real Russian stove, there is a refrigerator. True, the owners do not want to limit themselves to the season and offer to rent the dacha for six months at once (and even for seven months: one will be free) – why waste time on trifles.

– The only requirement is cultured, decent, not noisy people. For parties with a crowd of people, friends, classmates, and so on, we do not consider. Preferred for retirees, – they warn in the ad, stressing that the vigilant owners are very close, on the neighboring site.

Dachas near Novosibirsk. How much are?

The cost of summer cottages near Novosibirsk varies from 20 to 22 thousand rubles. For example, in ST “Health”, which is comfortably located in the bend of Ini, they offer an option for 22 thousand a month – with a new bathhouse, lawn and garage, with a shop next door.

And in the area of ​​the Mochishche station, you can rent a dacha from May to September for 20 thousand rubles a month (albeit with an agency commission of half the cost and a deposit). The dacha is located in the Michurinets partnership, next to Lake Ranetka. The area of ​​the two-storey house is 44 square meters; if you believe the description, even hot water has been brought into the house, and a billiard table is posing in the photographs. On the site, in addition to the obligatory bath, there are landings.

A dacha in the city, in the garden partnership “Sputnik” in the Oktyabrsky district, will cost the same amount. The house (from experimental materials, indicated in the announcement) is smaller here, 36 square meters, and the site, which is supplied with irrigation and city water, has an unusual landscape.

Among the options for daily rent, you can also find offers to rent your favorite summer cottage for the season: for example, a cozy two-story house made of 60 square meters in the Dzerzhinsky district is usually rented from 3 thousand rubles per day, but they note that long-term rent is also possible – the cost in this case set by agreement. True, it was not possible to clarify the conditions: the author of the announcement did not answer the calls of the NGS correspondent.

It is not yet clear whether dacha rentals will become as popular this season as they were last year. Last summer, the NGS devoted a big story to summer cottages: the journalists spent the whole summer studying popular and interesting places for country recreation.

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