Digest of opinions on the main news of Novosibirsk for the week: discussing parking lots and abusers

Parking lots again — what is it this time? The Novosibirsk mayor’s office told about a new version of the location of parking pockets on the Vokzalnaya highway: a strange parking pocket near the house number 13, not far from the Kolyada restaurant, did not fit into the next parking scheme.

Our reader under the nickname asp54 expressed his opinion:

— According to SNiP (building codes and regulations. — Ed. Approx.), Near any building (structure) there should be sidewalks, paths, parking lots, other infrastructure — no one has canceled it. In the center of Novosibirsk in the 1920s and 1930s, when the projects of buildings and roads were being laid, the distances between houses, both along and across the axis of the streets, were not taken into account. Narrow, little space. Now they are trying to cram 6 lanes, decent sidewalks, parking into these narrow places. Maybe there are also bike paths? 2 of 6 lanes will be highlighted. There are no parking lots, taking into account 30-40 places near the Russian Railways headquarters.

And what to do with the cars of visitors to offices on the Vokzalnaya highway, 16, if an ordinary person came to the dentist, buy shoes, draw up a power of attorney, a taxi is waiting for passengers at restaurants and cafes? In 2 blocks? Or is the entire stream of public transport moving along the Vokzalnaya highway and the cars parked in the second row interfere with it? Then you need to fight the second row, and not only fight, but also eliminate the cause of the second row — many offices, places of visits.

According to SNiP, again, provide the number of parking spaces, the presence of sidewalks. If the street (it is loudly said «highway») does not pull traffic, make 4 (5) -lane out of the 6-lane and do not destroy the remaining objects. PS What kind of working group is making decisions there? Public opinion, it seems, was not taken into account, being guided by every second needs.

School and «attic» with unnecessary trash

Recently, Vladimir Putin ordered to reduce the number of tests and tests in schools. In addition, the president spoke in favor of completing homework not at home, but at school — on an extended day under the supervision of mentors. This order was published on the Kremlin website. And this is the right approach to education — at least that’s what our colleague and father of the eighth grader Dmitry Kosenko thinks. In his opinion, children and parents were literally tortured with six days and endless homework. Details are in his column. But our reader under the nickname Leader Barmaleev has a slightly different opinion:

— What do a school and a hypermarket have in common? And there, and there are a lot of different things, most of which will never be in demand by you. What is the difference between a school and a hypermarket? You leave the hypermarket with a package (two, ten, or at least a whole truck) of what you need, and you leave school with a whole hypermarket stuffed into your head that you do not need.

I have participated in many disputes about the concepts of the education system and I am absolutely sure that the school should not ram information into the heads of children, the school should teach to think, think, not to clog the «attic» with unnecessary rubbish, but to teach to work with information. Why memorize a handbook when you can use it? So teach how to use reference information, and at school, give only the basics of subjects and algorithms for finding information, working with it and correctly assessing the result.

The funniest thing in the modern school curriculum is that most of the knowledge loaded into the heads of children can have applied household applications (how many electrical appliances can be plugged into one outlet, how to remove a greasy stain and get rid of limescale in a few seconds, how to calculate the optimal amount of building materials , how to effectively push the car out of the mud), that is, physics, chemistry, biology, algebra with geometry can be given in a playful way! Instead, it’s dull tasks out of touch with real life and incredible time to understand.

Do I need to help those who are being beaten?

On Tuesday afternoon, September 28, in the Severo-Chemsky residential area, a man kicked a woman. The incident was videotaped, but the police did not receive any complaints about the incident. However, commentators nevertheless arranged a discussion about whether passers-by should have intervened in this conflict. We publish the opinion of our reader named Nikolai:

— I inform all spiteful critics that the «savior» in such a situation can go to jail himself in 5 seconds! How many cases were there when, on Lenin Square, a guy kicked drunken brawlers who touched a girl for causal places and swore in the teeth. One of them fell, hit his head. Then it turned out that this was not a drunken bully at all, but an exemplary family man, and now he is disabled. The guy was almost imprisoned, dragged for a long time, gave a conditional, in my opinion. What is noteworthy is that the couple, for whom he stood up, and disappeared, although their testimony could greatly help a decent person not to go to jail. The second example: “man” beats “beloved woman”, both are drunk, dressed decently, she shouts “help” and so on. A guy comes up, separates them, calms the attacker with a couple of blows to the chest, he falls, breaks a rib, and everyone calms down. Several days go by this victim with a broken rib removes the beatings and writes a statement. And the witness — guess who. Yes, the same “beloved woman”. A person is dragged for a year, given a conditional. And here’s how to help after that? And there are a lot of such situations all over the country, there is simply no publicity.

Is the healthcare system everything?

Many people wonder why medicine in our city does not work very well. But few people decide to make comments with the help of appeals. Novosibirsk resident Mikhail Dokukin wrote an angry column in which he confessed his huge dislike for the Novosibirsk healthcare system and found his own way of influencing the clinic. The reader, who decided to leave a comment under the guest nickname, presented a plan to improve the situation in the medical and social spheres:

— President Putin named the biggest problems of the country — poverty and medicine. These issues are simply resolved. First, the introduction of progressive taxation of up to 50 percent if a person receives more than 200 thousand a month (as an option). Secondly, it is possible to completely abolish private medicine in the country and raise the salaries of doctors equally throughout the country, and not only in Moscow. Or make a ban on part-time jobs for doctors in private clinics, increase salaries in the public sector at times, make good social packages and determine government regulation of prices in private clinics. And the main thing is to pay attention to the country’s medical universities. Who teaches there? How do they teach? Is there corruption in admission? And admit to a university only with work experience at least a year in hospitals. And also there should be a distribution of doctors after graduation with the payment of lifting allowances. Superfluous people, doctors-businessmen will not come to study at medical universities then. All this can be done in the country in a year. There will be fewer poor people and medicine will be different. The question is: will they do this? Who benefits from not doing this?

Housing strife

On Saturday, September 25, a serious conflict broke out between the tenants of the house on Plahotny Street, 74 and the local HOA. Eyewitnesses reported that it came to a fight, breaking windows in the security room and letting gas in there. One of the local residents told the NGS how it all started. Our reader under the nickname Lazurnaya expressed his opinion on this matter and spoke about the relationship with GZI:

— Conflicts of residents of houses with local HOAs, housing cooperatives are not uncommon in Novosibirsk. We have a similar situation in the housing cooperative, rigging of election results, lack of control. Fights, insults, police. When will this disgrace stop? When will the regulatory authorities work? Why do we need GZI? The grief-chairmen-invaders spat on the tenants, just to fill their pockets. The quality of the services provided is low, the reception hours are once a week 1.5 hours. You ask questions, they send you frankly … and offer to move. There is a violation of the owners’ rights, but you are not in the courts on every issue, especially if you work. The tenants have nervous breakdowns, they really want to poke their noses at such managers. There is no conscience, they live at the expense of the tenants and they do this. GZI structures, prosecutors — everyone is aware of such problems, but for some reason they stand on their side, and you, residents, Run and prove, collect papers … And there are more than 60% of the city’s housing stock of such problem houses. Maybe the deputies will take upon themselves the solution of such a problem, submit a proposal to the Duma to create a single structure for regulation and control in the housing and utilities sector without these idiotic messages and agony (courts and so on)? Although I think that all these issues should be resolved in GZI, if they do not want to work, they should be abolished.

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