Disputed site near “Siberia-Hokkaido” want to officially make a square

Green Zone in the Shevchenko zhilmassive is privately owned, but the locals for many years asked to build wells here EP

Novosibirsk authorities decided to legalize the green zone in front of Siberia-Hokkaido

On the legal portal of Novosibirsk, a draft of the layout of a part of the Oktyabrsky district was published – on it, a site in front of the Siberia-Hokkaido cultural center, where previously planned residential development was planned, was marked as a green zone.

The planning project concerns the area between Ippodromskaya, Leskov, Boris Bogatkov, Kirov and Voskhod streets, as well as the Oktyabrsky bridge section and the Ob coastline. Its total area is 212.45 hectares.

According to the project, the territory north of the Oktyabrskaya Main Line between the Hippodrome Main Line and the passage to Siberia-Hokkaido is divided into three parts. A significant part between the skating rink and the Oktyabrskaya highway is defined as a green area for public use, the rest of the quarter is divided by the territory of the planned school, Siberia-Hokkaido itself, and a public and business zone along the Hippodromskaya highway, on which it will be possible to build multi-storey buildings.

At first, the entire area in front of the Siberia-Hokkaido center was intended for low-rise commercial buildings (left). Then an area for a school was allocated from it, and around it was proposed to build public and business buildings and apartment buildings (in the center). Now they decided to legalize the existing green zone (right)

The project is due to go through public comments that began on February 25th and will end on April 1st. Until March 12, participants in the discussions can submit their comments and suggestions to the Department of Construction and Architecture of the Novosibirsk City Hall.

This is not the first time that the municipality’s plans for a green zone have changed here. According to the 2015 planning project, the territory belonged to the zone of low-rise commercial development, in 2019 it was proposed to define it as a zone of mixed development with multi-storey buildings. At the same time, all these years, local residents have advocated the improvement of the park on this site.

The site is owned by the Atenon company. The general director of the company, Galina Kurcheva, told the NGS correspondent that she still does not know the plans of the mayor’s office to give the land an official status of a green zone.

Last year, the mayor’s office of Novosibirsk exchanged part of the territory in front of Siberia-Hokkaido for a school for a plot on Maksim Gorky Street, 10.

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