During a heavy snowfall, residents of Novosibirsk crowded at metro stations

There is little free space at the Sibirskaya and Zolotaya Niva stations. Novosibirsk people crowded in the metro during 10-point traffic jams

Tonight, February 8, due to heavy snowfall in Novosibirsk, 10-point marks were recorded. There are huge crowds in the metro and taxi prices have skyrocketed.

Traffic jams formed on the roads on the right and left banks. Oktyabrsky and Dimitrovsky bridges, Budagov Square, Krasny Prospekt, Bolshevistskaya, Sibiryakov-Gvardeytsev, Vatutin and others are painted crimson – traffic on them is very difficult.

Some drivers get impatient

A crowd of people has gathered in the subway. There is little free space at stations and in carriages. On the “Sibirskaya”, waiting for the train, people even stood on the steps.

– In the car there was a woman with a small child 3-4 years old. They could not pass more than one station, because he was very upset, frightened and cried. There are a lot of people in the carriage, it’s even hard to breathe, ”said NGS correspondent Alexandra Brunya, who was in the metro.

Getting to the escalator through such a crowd is difficult

At the same time, taxi prices have increased in the city.

To get from the center of the right bank to the center of the left one, you will have to pay almost 500 rubles

The road from the city center to the Zaeltsovskaya metro station will cost less – about 300 rubles

Today the NGS has prepared a report from the snow-covered streets of Novosibirsk. Visibility in the city has deteriorated greatly due to a snowstorm – see for yourself. At the same time, forecasters warn that the weather will change soon – frosts down to -30 degrees will come to the city.

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