Earned on a par with the minister: about a transport official detained in Novosibirsk

Sergei Stavitsky became Deputy Minister of Transport in 2019, and in 2021 he was detained on suspicion of accepting a bribe. It became known how much the detained Deputy Minister of the NSO earned

In Novosibirsk today, March 19, the deputy minister of transport and road facilities of the region, Sergei Stavitsky, was detained. Investigators searched the official’s place of work and home, where they found wads of money.

According to the investigators, the deputy minister received bribes from the head of the TUAD Mikhail Chumanov, who was detained at the end of the year. The NGS tells what else is known about the official whose case is now being dealt with by the Department of Especially Important Affairs of the West Siberian SUT SK.

Sergei Stavitsky became Deputy Minister of Anatoly Kostylevsky in 2019 — there is no information about him for previous years on the government website. He was a member of the government commission for road safety.

According to the declaration of property and income, in 2019 the Deputy Minister declared 4 million 720 thousand rubles of income. His wife turned out to be richer than her high-ranking husband, her annual income is 7 million 199 thousand rubles.

Together with his wife, they own a land plot (more than 1100 square meters), a residential building (195 square meters), an apartment (80 square meters), a share of a land plot (5773 square meters) and a share in an apartment building (2617 square meters). The official also owns a «KIA-Sorento» car, he also uses one more apartment (30 square meters).

The annual income of Sergei Stavitsky is comparable to the income of Minister Anatoly Kostylevsky — he earned 4 million 731 thousand rubles in 2019. At the same time, a year earlier, the minister’s income was more impressive — 12 million 482 thousand rubles.

In addition to Sergei Stavitsky, the minister has a second deputy, Vyacheslav Nevezhin. His income in 2019 amounted to 2 million 818 thousand rubles.

According to Kontur.Fokus, the detained deputy was the liquidator of Tsentralny Most JSC, which was created in 2013 by the order of the Governor of the Novosibirsk Region and the decree of the Novosibirsk Mayor’s Office for the construction of the fourth bridge. A year ago, the auditors of the KSP discovered an excess of the cost of the bridge by almost a billion rubles. In July last year, the «Central Bridge» was liquidated.

Two declarations of income and property of Mikhail Chumanov have been published on the TUAD website. The most recent of them contains data for 2017, with Mikhail Chumanov taking over as head in February 2018. The document says that he owns a residential building (396 squares), three apartments (56, 38 and 102 squares), a land plot of 1023 square meters, shares in another land plot (176 squares), two cars (Mercedes-Benz CL-500 and Land Rover Range Rover), a Honda GL1800A motorcycle and a cargo trailer. His income for 2017, indicated in the declaration, amounted to 5.3 million rubles. The spouse’s income (no property) is 219 thousand rubles.

A criminal case against Mikhail Chumanov, his brother and representatives of two commercial organizations was opened at the end of December 2020. According to the investigation, Mikhail Chumanov received bribes in the amount of 100 thousand and 5 million rubles.

The NGS told what is known about firms that are suspected of transferring money in exchange for «general patronage.» According to the investigation, Sergei Stavitsky also provided patronage — for this he asked Mikhail Chumanov for money. Chumanov, in turn, was offered maximum allowances and additional payments to wages.

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