Forecasters named the points of the NSO, where it can flood during a flood

Today, on March 23, the head of the West Siberian Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, Alexander Luciger, spoke about the settlements of the Novosibirsk Region, which may be flooded during the flood this spring.

As the specialist said at a press conference in TASS, the achievement of dangerous levels of flooding of coastal territories and summer cottages is possible in summer cottages of Novosibirsk near the Ob, as well as on the Baksa river in the Pikhtovka village, the Karasuk river in the Chernovka village and the Kargat river in the Gavrilovsky village.

– As of March 20, the depth of soil freezing in most territories of Western Siberia ranged from 56 to 112 cm, in the south, southwest – 120-169 cm. All this is about and less than the norm. Water reserves in the snow cover range from 112 to 156% of the norm, Luciger said.

The ice thickness in the Novosibirsk reservoir is 66–87 centimeters, which is 8–12 centimeters less than the norm. According to Alexander Luciger, a preliminary analysis suggests that the opening of rivers, especially in the southwestern foothills of Altai, will begin 2–5 days earlier than the average long-term values. An autopsy is expected in late March – early April.

In Novosibirsk, about 200 places are at risk due to floods, and it is planned to remove snow from there before warming. Last week, Novosibirsk Mayor Anatoly Lokot took a walk in two courtyards that are in potential danger.

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