Homeless fights and scary barracks: why Novosibirsk people love and hate the city

Last year, the mayor’s office named the best district of Novosibirsk – it was Zaeltsovsky (followed by Oktyabrsky and Central). To determine the best of the best, the authorities studied socio-economic indicators: the number of profitable enterprises, salary growth, the number of recreation areas.

However, the townspeople have their own opinion on this matter, which does not coincide in everything with the official rating. To find out what Novosibirsk residents think about the areas in which they live, we looked at 2GIS reviews. Some surprised with their detailed details, others pleased with funny comments.

About what place in Novosibirsk reminds the townspeople of St. Petersburg, where people are afraid to look and for which they dislike the left bank, read the review by Ksenia Lysenko.

Three leaders – Soviet, Dzerzhinsky and Zayeltsovsky

Sovetsky district was in the top of sympathies of users of the 2GIS service, its rating – 4.7 points out of 5. The district is loved for its greenery, cleanliness, silence, but they do not like it – for problems with transport accessibility. Most of all, the residents of Akademgorodok are noted – they, according to the reviews, are special here.

“The best area of ​​Novosibirsk! There is everything you need for life. And the main thing is people. They say buy a neighbor, not an apartment. This is about the beloved Academ! ” – writes the user Olga Bo.

And someone finds features of other cities in the Soviet region.

“This area resembles San Francisco, a very beautiful view of the reservoir, a lot of forest. Of course, this is the outskirts of the city, and you need a car to live here. Roads – plus or minus norms, have been here many times. People in general are ordinary, their faces are tired, ”says Fargo Juggler.

But it was not without criticism.

“The transport logistics is extremely poorly arranged, the 23rd bus arrives at an interval not of the promised 11 minutes, but 40, which saddens me,” says a user under the nickname V4k, who gave the district one star.

The Dzerzhinsky district unexpectedly took the second place. He was given 4.6 points. There are not so many reviews about Dzerzhinka, but those that exist are very contrasting. The area is praised for its walking places and immediately scolded for it.

“A good place to relax,” says Danil Kurnosov in his review.

“The place is like a place, but thanks to our authorities. Absolutely not comfortable for walking, people are forced to walk along these ruins, ”says Ivan Sapozhnikov.

But Zaeltsovsky, who was in the first place in the rating of the mayor’s office, was only third in the rating of 2GIS users (4.4 points). This is another area of ​​the city that is praised for its forest and clean air, and criticized for dust and gutters that cannot cope with the rain.

“I was crossing from the stop of the 11th minibus towards the Big Dipper and saw ducks. Like in St. Petersburg … Great, ”Denis Dobrynin wrote.

According to the reviews, some have problems navigating in the area.

“Lost here, I do not recommend it,” writes a user under the nickname Shadows Yes.

You Can Live – Pervomaika, Zheleznodorozhny and Kalininsky Districts, Center

Average scores were found in four districts at once. Another surprise – Pervomaisky district, which at one time deserved notoriety, just barely reached the top three. His mark is 4.3 points. Although in the reviews he is reminded of traffic jams (“worse than in Moscow”), garbage, lack of infrastructure, overcrowded kindergartens and even bandits.

“A terrible area, to live here – to cook in a cauldron by the devils every day! There are no restaurants, cinemas and other cultural places! There is nothing! Traffic jams at the exit, on Bolshevik Street, are worse than in Moscow. I recommend it for those who are just drinking, or for workers from a switch plant, ”Aleksey Smakotin colorfully and emotionally describes the area.

“I went here = died. You should not visit this area if you have not received a boxing category ”, – Denis Chirkov is short.

Among the positive things mentioned by the residents of Pervomaika are a forest, a river, places for walks and new houses.

“I have been living for 25 years, I found myself in the 90s. Alive. Still, the metro – and put at least six stars ”, – a resident of Pervomaika with the nickname Dima Bro seems to be responding to critics.

“I have been living on Pervomaika for a long time, I’ll come after the center to the district, and it’s like a balm for a wounded soul. Quiet streets in the private sector, good old people, and next to a bridge across the river. I crossed over, and you are no longer in the city, but in nature. And as for the fact that everything is bad with us, I will say this: there is enough of everyone in the center, ”says Viktor Burkhanov.

The Zheleznodorozhny District has 4.1 points out of 5. The reviews often mention the homeless – this is the main complaint against the district.

“The area is beautiful, but it’s worth moving away from the center, and it begins: garages, barracks and fights of homeless people (one of them fell into a boiling well during a fight),” the user Errra shares a terrible story.

“I have been living here for 18 years now, under the windows of houses the local rabble gathers at night and brew beer. They don’t care if it’s 4 am and it’s Monday morning. They will scream until some kind grandmother calls the police. There are a lot of homeless people during the day, but the good news is that there are no stray dogs, ”says Fargo Juggler.

Of the good, residents of the area near the station note good transport interchanges (is this not a miracle?).

“All my life, until recently, I lived in this area. Nice courtyards, and the infrastructure is one of the best in the city, and transport interchanges – go even to the moon, ”says Ilya Perfiliev.

For the Kalininsky and Tsentralny districts, the assessments coincided – 4 points each. In particular, the center is criticized for the sidewalks uncleaned in winter, but they love it – for the infrastructure, the abundance of restaurants and even architecture.

“Real Novosibirsk, which we deserve. And not a “left” counterfeit “, – compared the Right Banks with the Left Banks in his review of Kynnu.

“There are many pleasant places. Beautiful architecture. There is where to spend time, ”adds Timur Gavrilov.

The Kalininsky District, in contrast to the Central District, is criticized more often, although users give mostly high ratings. Among the minuses of the area, residents note traffic jams and problematic exit from the 6th microdistrict, among the pluses is the forest.

“A picturesque place for family walks, there are many interesting places, and the very atmosphere of the pine forest, and even with birches, is very inspiring,” notes Alexander Chekmarev.

“Constant traffic jams! Especially on Bogdashka! ” – says Evgenia Zemlyanova.

Outsiders – Kirovsky, Leninsky and Oktyabrsky

The townspeople dislike, if you believe the reviews in 2GIS, the left bank and the Oktyabrsky district. In the group of outsiders, users rated Kirovsky District the highest (3.8 points). But there are a lot of complaints against him – the townspeople remember the dirt, the killed roads and local residents. Positive reviews are very rare, high marks are mostly accompanied by some nostalgic memories of the childhood spent in Kirovka.

“A neglected area of ​​eternal traffic jams. Probably the worst in Novosibirsk, ”writes Ivan Vaiman.

“Everything near the metro looks more or less positive. Roads are cleaned both in winter and summer. But 5 km from the metro in any direction – the picture changes dramatically. A region of contrasts, ”adds Sergei Starostin.

“On the downside, these are motley residents. The contrast is striking. Zatulinka pleases the locals from the hostel with eternal drinking of beer in the evenings with music. Lack of shyness and conscience, ”says Ivan Reshetnikov.

The story is about the same with the Leninsky District. Its users rated it even lower – by 3.1 points. The general assessment of the district is spoiled by traffic jams (especially in the area of ​​Labor Square), dust and all the same local residents.

“The worst area of ​​Novosib! Everything is covered in rubbish and dust, ”notes ERRRA.

“The district is nothing at all, drug addicts do not bother anyone, drunks scream with themselves. There are a lot of police, DPS too. The roads are dead, they have been fixing something for a very long time. They widen the road after narrowing it down, ”adds Fargo Juggler.

But in general, as noted in the reviews, “a district as a district.”

“So far, there are conflicting opinions about the area. There are both good places to stay and those from which you want to escape. And this is not the merit of the district itself, but of the people living here, ”says Ivan Reshetnikov.

The lowest mark was found in the Oktyabrsky district – only 2.7 points. Let us remind you that in the rating given by the authorities, the same district almost took the first place. There are the fewest responses to it, and those that exist are full of discontent about traffic jams, local residents and half-dead buildings.

“Cars are opened in yards every day and little things are stolen (batteries, first-aid kits, all sorts of little things). It seems to be a district of students, but you are constantly sitting on a grenade, ”writes Andrei Roik.

“Not a bad area, good for young families, many small and inexpensive houses. The problem is that there are almost no places to walk other than the promenade. Closer to Tsentralny and Dzerzhinsky it is very beautiful, but, for example, there are half-dead buildings on MZhK or Nikitin, which don’t look very good, ”adds Ilya Alkhimovich.

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