How does Leroy Merlin work? And what salaries do they receive there?

In “Leroy Merlin” they talked about the working conditions for employees. The NGS continues the rubric on how work is organized in well-known companies. In the last issue we talked about working in the Swedish IKEA store.

And they decided to devote the second episode to the French network of finishing materials “Leroy Merlin”. This year the company plans to open its fourth hypermarket, which will employ two hundred employees.

Natalya Matei, head of regional recruiting projects, told how to get a job at Leroy Merlin, what the salary consists of, what bonuses are guaranteed to employees and why the company is distributing shares to its employees.

What vacancies are there at “Leroy Merlin”

Three shops of the French chain of finishing materials are still operating in Novosibirsk – a total of 1,500 employees. The company plans to open its fourth store this year, which will employ about 200 more employees.

You will know for sure that new employees are needed. It is enough to go to any store and look around: everywhere there are posters – invitations to work and questionnaires at the registration desks.

– There is always a very high demand, there are many responses to sellers, logisticians, to vacancies of sales floor managers. These are vacancies that are always relevant for us, ”says Natalya Matei, head of regional recruiting projects at Leroy Merlin.

According to her, there can be up to 100 responses per position. In addition to the line personnel, the company today needs project sales specialists and designers – people who want to work with clients, develop in this area, who are interested in home improvement, ergonomics.

Now on the Leroy Merlin website in Novosibirsk there are 38 vacancies for various positions, including sales consultant, interior designer, HR administration specialist, department manager, cashier, night warehouse employee and others. It is interesting that in the “salary” column there is an amount of either 30 thousand rubles, or “by agreement”. But more on that later.

Interviews and tests

If there is a desire to work, then for a start, you can fill out a questionnaire even in a store or call the call center, or you can immediately send a resume for a specific vacancy or respond using a QR code. In any case, all the first responses go to the Unified Recruitment Center. The resume / questionnaire is seen by the recruiters of this center, who then contact and communicate with the candidate.

This is the so-called first filter, when discussing work experience, a vacancy is selected that suits the applicant, taking into account his skills. If all is well, the second stage begins. This is already offline mode, when the applicant is invited for an interview in the store to the head of the relevant department. Maybe an interview with someone else from the leaders or with the director. For applicants for the vacancies of the line personnel of “Leroy Merlin” (sellers, cashiers, workers), this is the final stage – if all is well, then training begins. If we are talking about narrow specialists, then there will be test tasks to check knowledge. This applies to labor protection specialists, IT, lawyers, accountants, designers.


– Training is what we are really proud of, we have a lot of them. They are diverse, multi-level, – says Natalya Matei. – First, adaptive training, which is called “Sputnik”. Without passing it, the employee cannot start work.

Sputnik is a complex: from safety measures to how everything is arranged in a store, how each service works, to whom and why one can and should contact. As well as a code of ethics, statutory documents, test tasks (what and how to do in each department).

4 days are allocated for this, during this period the employees wear special vests, on which it is written “I am on training”, specialists from all departments tell the nuances. Training takes place, including in a playful way, like a quest – it is better absorbed this way, says Natalya Matei. After 4 days, the trained employee starts working according to his plan.

– Since the whole company is focused on supporting and developing people, everyone has an individual development plan. This plan indicates the training that must be completed. As for “hard” – to deepen in skills, and “software” – for the development of interpersonal communications, personal abilities, skills, abilities and so on, – explains Natalia Matei.

In addition, according to her, every year the company invites third-party specialists who conduct trainings. There is also a learning platform called SF (Success Factor). On the platform, a complex of training programs – both related to the profession, goods, and so on, and for the development of personal skills, competencies, that is, various online courses for all employees.

The salary

If you want to understand right away, before getting a job in a company, how much they earn there, then you will not succeed. They do not like to advertise numbers – they explain this by the fact that it is impossible to say who has what salary, since it is different for everyone and also depends on different things. However, it is emphasized that it is competitive. But about what makes up the total income (only the salary is called the salary), HRs talk in detail.

“Salary is not the only type of awards that Leroy Merlin employees have,” emphasizes Natalya Matei. – The salary depends on the experience of the applicant. It is very important to add here that in addition to the salary (the salary is white, everything is according to the TC) there is 5% of the salary – a bonus for attendance, for coming to work. This is the first gratitude, the first thank you that we say to the employees.

The salary is supplemented with quarterly bonuses, which, as Natalya Matei explained, depend on the work of the store – it can be about one to two salaries per year.

The next component is profit sharing (this payment happens once a year).

– This is the decision of our company. She shares her profits with those who work in her. These are the annual remuneration that the employee accumulates, – says Natalya Matei.

Again, the figures are not named, since “profit is difficult to predict.” That is, a certain amount is divided between employees. The amount that everyone will receive is, again, individual.

The next component is stocks. This means that employees who have worked for at least a year in the company can become its shareholders.

– That is, the company gives shares to those who work for us, just because they work for us. Shares can be purchased once a year. The shares are denominated in euros, the growth of these shares this year amounted to 16.49%, says Natalia Matei. – A common foreign currency deposit in Russian banks gives 0.1 percent growth over the year. Here we are talking about a completely different security system. These shares are sold upon dismissal, and, thus, each dismissal receives a decent amount of money.

The amount of this amount is again individual, depending on many factors, including how long the person was a shareholder, bought / sold shares.

Employees’ salaries are reviewed once a year. Goals are set for a year, then they are checked, and on the basis of this a decision is made to change the level of wages. Also, once a year, the salary is indexed.

Employee age

In Novosibirsk, the average age of employees is 31 years. The youngest is 18 years old, the youngest head of the department is 23 years old. The company says that all age restrictions are regulated only by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. For 14 years, a salesperson has been working at Leroy Merlin, who is now 69 years old.


Employees have no discounts on goods. There is compensation for meals – 3000 rubles per month. That is, this is a special meal card that you can use to pay for meals in canteens for employees or buy your own food. Meals in a corporate cafeteria for employees will cost about the amount, maybe a little cheaper than in a regular cafeteria. For example, a soup costs 25-50 rubles, a salad – 45-65, the price of a second course – 80-120 rubles.

Each store has gyms where employees can come and work out for free. As for the VHI, the employee can choose this benefit from the “social benefits cafeteria”.

– You can choose the benefit you want. If you want VHI, there will be VHI. If you want to pay for flights on vacation – there will be this benefit. VHI for yourself and the child – there will be such an option. You can choose external training (for example, learn a language or take a course in rhetoric), Natalia Matei lists.

For example, a free air flight becomes available to a person who has worked for the company for at least a year. Depending on the length of service, the amount for the flight increases. You can choose a different benefit for each year.

Employee uniform and values

All Leroy Merlin employees are given special shoes with hard toes for safety and a set of clothes. Which one depends on where the employee works. The sets include shoes, T-shirts, jackets, jackets, jumpers. As well as masks and gloves. The employees themselves take care of the clothes, replacement – as needed.

– An important philosophy of our company is values. This is a set of our inner convictions, guidelines, – explains Natalya Matei. – “We care about well-being” – this means that we care about the well-being, health, safety of ourselves and our clients. We maintain balance, create conditions for a fulfilling life and work. The second value is “we are useful”. There is a slogan: “We care.” It is that we strive to improve the level of everyone. Value three – “moving on”. We are changing in step with the times, developing and helping each other. We work together, we are all for one thing – this is about teamwork. And “happy to help” is for clients. When you feel pleasure in the fact that you helped, and this is very important. This is our backbone.

Code of conduct and corporate culture

Leroy Merlin has a code of conduct for its employees. The most important thing that Natalya Matei focuses on is that the company does not have a bonus system. In addition, there is no matresponsibility. An employee can be dismissed, they say in the company, only under the articles listed in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

Answering the question about whether there are penalties for being late, Natalya Matei reminds that shareholders work in the store, so it is unprofitable for people to do this or work poorly.

– It is difficult to understand this for the Russian mentality. When you understand that your stock is growing because you are doing better, you will not be late, ”she says. – However, when we tell the candidates that the company will give shares in a year, I often see that this causes shock and bewilderment. People are more accustomed to the fact that they would rather be given some kind of salary, and then the average salary in the market will remain from this salary due to the system of fines.


The employee must constantly develop, the company emphasizes. Either on the horizon – “from the grade of a debutant to an expert grade”, or to grow in position. There are also many internal vacancies – when new stores open, including in other cities. According to Natalia Matei, in 2018, fifty Novosibirsk residents moved to St. Petersburg.

“We are always very happy about such mobility, because it is movement, transfer of experience, specifics, the ability to make teams more diverse,” says Natalya Matei. – It is possible to move to another country. There are guys who have moved to France, to Portugal. This can be done every two years – we have a special international Talent Booster competition. And anyone can apply, participate in it and then continue to work in France or in the country of the project.

Employee reviews

Among the pluses, which are difficult to argue with and which can hardly be overlooked, employees of Novosibirsk stores note voluntary medical insurance, a white salary, a gym, and a cozy office. One of the most unusual pluses, which the employee said, is “working hours go fast”. Someone is limited to the laconic “there are pluses.”

People describe the disadvantages of working at Leroy Merlin much brighter. Often these are subjective feelings, for example, about conflict situations with managers who have a “ward of mind”, poor training on the part of mentors, which can affect future work. As well as strange interview questions and a nervous environment.

One of the former employees decided to warn future candidates that “the store can make you an informer”, as they force their colleagues and partners to “drain”. Also, in many reviews, people write that they were disappointed, because they did not see opportunities for career growth. They often talk about the discrepancy between European requirements and the size of Russian wages. The last point is emphasized quite often. For example: “I have been working for three years, everything suits me. What can be improved? Raise everyone’s salary. “

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