In Berlin, three children were taken from a family from Novosibirsk

In Berlin, three children were removed from a family from Novosibirsk. The police took three children 2, 4 and 6 years old. Parents turned to the President of Russia with a request to help return the kids

In Germany, a scandal erupted around a Russian family — Julia and Yevgeny Seibert. They took three children 2, 4 and 6 years old from them. And this was done, according to the parents, in a rude manner and without good reason. Now the family is looking for protection from the ambassadors and the president of Russia. NGS correspondent Alexandra Brunya studied the background of the conflict and learned that the father of the children is now threatened, who had a fight with the police during the seizure of the children.

Initially, relatives of the Seibert family contacted the editorial office. But later, Yulia Seibert categorically refused to personally communicate with the NGS correspondent, writing that the journalist should be «careful in choosing allies.» She said that communication is possible only in writing, but she did not answer the questions sent. As a result, Julia Seibert asked to communicate through her representative — President of the European Center for Information and Human Rights Harry Murey.

It was to him, as well as to Russian President Vladimir Putin, that the mother of many children wrote a letter asking for help. A copy of the letter is at the disposal of the editors. Further information is provided from this appeal.

The family also spoke about their situation in a video published on the Ivan-Chai channel.

What is known about the Seibert family and how they ended up in Berlin

In a letter, Julia Seibert said that she has been living with her family in Germany since 2014. Before that, she lived first in Novosibirsk, then in Nizhny Novgorod, and then moved to relatives in Berlin. Julia was educated as a teacher of Germanic and Slavic mythology, as well as German citizenship (but she did not refuse Russian). Eugene Seibert lived in Germany on a visa as the spouse of a German citizen. He has a higher legal and secondary specialized (welder) education.

Until 2019, Julia Seibert was on maternity leave. In Germany, she had two children (the family has three children in total). In the same year, Julia took nursing courses and went to work at the clinic.

At this time, Evgeny Seibert began to have problems. In Russia, he left a child from his first marriage, and the man accumulated a debt for alimony. The Russian Embassy refused to renew his visa, and Yevgeny was left without documents and without the opportunity to work — he began to look after the children.

What’s up (family version)

In the fall, the caretakers began to visit the Seibert family.

— Guardianship often began to come to us on far-fetched pretexts, on the basis of allegedly anonymous denunciations of neighbors, to look for an excuse to find fault with us and confiscate the children. The organization received all the information about us, our family situation, our financial situation and was so “concerned about the well-being” of our children, who were declared mentally retarded by them, that they imposed family outpatient care on us without any reason, ”writes Julia Seibert. — At the same time, they threw the father of the children out into the street on the basis of family violence, allegedly alcohol addiction, and under threats against me that they would confiscate the children on the spot if I go against them.

Psychologists began to visit the family. Yulia tried to appeal the decision of the guardianship about their consultations, but, according to her, she got the opposite effect. On January 8, a trial was held to restrict the rights of parents to children, and on January 14, Yulia received a document on the partial deprivation of her parental rights with her husband. They could no longer decide questions about the whereabouts and health of the children.

At this time, Julia Seibert and her husband decided to urgently return to Russia, turned to the embassy and began to prepare the documents. At the same time, the German side did not sit idly by either. The Youth Office received a court order that allowed them to enter the family’s home.

«They took the apartment by storm»

On February 8, German guardianship officials and the police seized the children from the Seibert family.

— They were seized without a warrant, without a court decision, they took the apartment by storm, took my husband and me to different rooms and dragged half-naked children out into the street. They searched the house, beat my husband, handcuffed me and used physical violence against us, shouting: “Oh, are you going to Russia to Putin? Here’s to you for Navalny! You will never see children again! ”- says Julia Seibert in her letter.

The moment of the seizure of the children was captured on video, but no words about Navalny were heard in the recording.

What the Berlin Police say

The independent German Russian-language television channel OstWest provides an official response from the Berlin police on the situation in the Seibert family.

It says that the seizure of the children took place on February 8 at about 5:30 pm.

— The Berlin police provided assistance to the territorial office for youth affairs. The Youth Affairs Directorate had a court order to enter the apartment on suspicions that the welfare of the children was in jeopardy. During the operation, the 39-year-old mother and the 42-year-old father put up significant resistance to the police and employees of the Office for Youth Affairs: they shouted, punched and kicked and spat, eventually the police officers used light physical force on them. the police.

The police confirmed that the parents were handcuffed:

— Investigations were launched into the facts of resistance to law enforcement officers and persons of the same rank. The parents refused to be examined by ambulance personnel for minor injuries, which were called during the proceedings. Subsequently, the 42-year-old father wrote a statement to the prosecutor’s office about the assault and beatings during the performance of the service (by the police), in respect of which an investigation has now been initiated on the fact of knowingly false denunciation. In connection with the situation that arose, three children aged 2, 4 and 6 years were placed under the care of the Department of Youth Affairs. The Berlin police strongly reject other allegations made, in particular those related to the alleged motivation of police officers.

What threatens a man for a fight with the police

Berlin lawyer Johannes Engelmann told the NHS that the ambassadors are unlikely to be able to influence the situation.

— Only lawyers can help parents in solving this problem. In addition, parents can be deprived of parental rights and send their children to another family. These issues primarily affect the interests of children, in which the guardianship authorities, social educators, the court and so on are also involved, ”says the lawyer.

If it is proved that Evgeny Seibert is guilty of attacking police officers and false denunciation, he will face severe punishment. He may end up in jail.

If a criminal case is initiated on the fact of resistance to the police, it provides for imprisonment for up to three years or conviction in the form of a monetary fine. For false denunciation — imprisonment for up to 6 months or conviction in the form of a fine. In some cases, the punishment can be up to five years in prison or conviction in the form of a monetary fine. If the father of the children fought, he could cause bodily harm, and these are already other articles, and the punishment will depend on the severity of these injuries.

Will the family be able to get the children back?

Maria Gromozdina, Head of the Department of Civil and Business Law at NSUEU, says that there are a lot of gaps and inconsistencies in the history of the Seibert family.

— You can only comment on this in general terms. Much is not clear. Probably, the German authorities, social services and law enforcement agencies had reasons for such actions. Russian legislation in the same way contains such norms as the removal of children, including if children are in danger. The resistance shown by the parents, in this case, is seen as resistance to the authorities and may entail additional responsibility, explains Maria Gromozdina. — The fact that the German authorities are trying to protect children is for sure, but how Russian parents with a completely different mentality perceive it is a completely different story.

In Germany, according to her, there are a lot of centers that provide assistance to families in difficult life situations, and the Seibert family should have asked for help earlier and not taken the situation to an extreme:

— This is not some kind of sudden situation. Apparently, this family was already under control, judging by the history. They received help (psychologists came to their homes. — Ed.), A time limit was set for changes in the family. There must have been warnings. They most likely ignored this situation on the principle of «what can they do with us.» As soon as the authorities realized that psychologists were not allowed in, and neighbors said that the family was drinking alcohol (similar reports from neighbors about the lives of other neighbors are a common situation for Germany), this led to such actions.

The President of Russia, according to Maria Gromozdina, will not be able to influence the situation:

— The simplest thing is to write to the president. So what? In this case, the President of the Russian Federation will not be able to help. If a crime is committed in Germany, he cannot be exempted from liability. There are certain procedures with the participation of Russian representatives, but again this will not bring them back to Russia. The citizenship of the children does not matter at all. The fact that they are citizens of Russia and they urgently need to be returned to the country does not work that way.

German legislation, says the expert, is quite harsh in matters of children:

— Of course, parents need to fight for their children. But in a different way. This issue can be resolved only in the legal field. The Russian Federation protects its citizens on the territory of a foreign state, but if they reside there permanently, then citizens must comply with local legislation. The judge cannot write: “Take and never return”. Conditions were set for the family. The family must drastically change their lifestyle and appeal against all court decisions and prove that they are good parents and understood everything.

«The bullying of the family began»

The representative of the family, Harry Moorey, did not answer the questions of the NHS on the merits. Instead, for some reason, he accused the journalist of supporting Navalny, his inability to conduct a dialogue, and a desire to «cook up a lime tree.» He said that mass persecution began against the Seibert family, and the Chancellor’s administration took control of the case.

— You don’t know the situation in Germany. And about the fact that the police shouted «for Navalny» — these are your inventions, — said Harry Murey. — I am not interested in what is written there (in the letter of Julia Seibert herself. — Ed.).

When asked why it was written about this in a letter to Julia Seibert and the family itself was talking about it, he repeated that this was the editorial board’s invention. He also refused to provide documents confirming the woman’s words, arguing that the correspondent does not speak German.

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