In Moscow, bars were allowed to work at night. Novosibirsk restaurateurs want the same

Novosibirsk restaurateurs want to work behind Moscow at night. Restaurateurs and their employees are ready to personally tell the governor about their problems and explain why they consider such restrictions unfair

Today, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has lifted the ban on night work of bars and other establishments. At this time, Novosibirsk restaurateurs prepared a letter to Governor Andrei Travnikov with a request to allow them to work at night as well: today they are collecting signatures, and tomorrow they will take the document to the head of the region. The NSO government has not yet talked about lifting the new restrictions.

— We, the owners of various Novosibirsk establishments, after the New Year understood that something needed to be done, because there was no dialogue with the authorities for more than a month. They began to prepare a letter to the governor. We were going to collect signatures today and deliver it tomorrow, and just in time the news arrived that the restrictions on night work in Moscow were lifted. This is very important, because the regions are guided by the situation in Moscow, I think, — Igor Kamenev, the co-founder of The Rooks bar, told the NGS journalist.

He added that at the moment restaurateurs are in dialogue with employees of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the region.

What the letter says

The letter is signed by entrepreneurs, whose work schedule includes night time — bars, restaurants, cafes, billiards, clubs. They argue that the bans on night work, introduced in October 2020, hit their business very hard: unable to full-time jobs, they accumulated serious rent and supplier debts:

— But the most serious question is the search for sources for paying wages in the event of a catastrophic drop in revenue! In order to preserve collectives, almost all institutions were forced to use borrowed funds. At the same time, many social and cultural organizations — theaters, cinemas, houses of culture, etc. continued to work without time limits. This allowed them to conduct concert and entertainment programs at any time of the day, which is clearly unfair in relation to organizations of our format. In fact, preference was given to some types of organizations at the expense of the survival of others.

They state that «the measures introduced to restrict work during night hours cannot be considered thoughtful and fair»:

— It’s no secret that these «forbidden hours» have no scientific or practical justification, in fact, they are determined arbitrarily. So, it is impossible to reasonably explain what caused the introduction of just such an interval of work — a ban on work for 8 hours at night. Indeed, in the previous 16 hours of the daytime, the spread of infection can be much more intense than during 8 hours of the night. What is the reason for this logic? Unclear.

What, in their opinion, was not taken into account

The authors of the letter believe that the restrictions did not take into account the fact that most of the people who visit night bars, cafes and clubs are between the ages of 20-30, that is, they are not at risk of age; claim that the institutions have organized a system of security equipment. And air disinfection systems operate in a constant mode and reduce the risk of infection. Also, the institutions carry out regular surface treatment, taking into account the requirements of the SES.

— The staff works in masks and gloves, they are instructed and require compliance with the restrictions from the visitors. In addition, we ourselves are interested in the health of the staff, since the illness of the employees is the real impossibility of the establishment’s work, ”the letter emphasizes.

Examples of other regions

The authors of the letter note that similar restrictions related to time have already been removed in other regions: for example, in the Republic of Crimea, Chelyabinsk and Kaluga regions:

— In the Tula region, the ban on the work of cafes, restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, billiards, nightclubs, discos and karaoke clubs begins to operate only from 2 am. In the Kemerovo Region, not only the personal reception of citizens in the executive authorities has been resumed, but also organizations of our profile are allowed to work until 3 am.

In addition, these restrictions have been canceled from today in Moscow.

— Taking into account the successes announced by the authorities of our region in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection and improvements in the epidemiological situation, we believe that such experience should be used in the Novosibirsk Region as well, as it meets the requirements of the current social, economic and epidemiological situation. For our part, we guarantee the continuation of compliance with anti-coronavirus measures left in action, write the entrepreneurs.


— At the moment, the appeal has not been received: it will be promptly considered by the government. We will immediately report the results of the consideration, — said Sergey Neshumov, head of the information policy department of the administration of the governor of the NSO and the regional government. At the same time, he clarified that so far the issue of lifting the temporary restrictions on the work of public catering at the operational headquarters has not been considered.

Earlier, Novosibirsk restaurateurs repeatedly appealed to the governor: for example, in April they asked to be allowed to work in a summer format on the street near the institution.

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