In Novosibirsk, the traffic police arrived at a fatal accident with an hour delay

That night a severe road accident occurred on Tyulenina Street. The Lexus RX crossover hit the lighting pole, killing one person on the spot.

In general, there are many such stories, but what struck in this particular case was that the traffic police did not come to the scene of the accident for almost an hour, and in the morning they reported that they could not identify and detain the alleged culprit. The auto-editor of NGS Dmitry Kosenko became an eyewitness of the accident. We publish his author’s column about the sluggishness of the traffic cops.

The accident on Tyulenina Street took place at about midnight. Lexus RX crashed into a pole, one passenger was injured, the second was killed. Here is how the traffic police of Novosibirsk reported about this accident on the morning of April 5:

– An unidentified driver, driving a Lexus RX330 car along Tyulenin from Zemnukhov towards Svechnikov, hit an obstacle on the right in the direction of travel, – the traffic police said.

Unidentified! Unidentified, yoshkin cat – yes, you would have arrived even later, you would not have found anything at all, you were not at the scene of the accident for almost an hour. But first things first.

I was in the parking lot of my house and at about 11:55 pm I heard a powerful blow. I looked towards the street and saw a broken crossover. On the left side, a creature in a red robe got out of the salon and went somewhere into the courtyards. Other eyewitnesses and I approached the crossover and saw unconscious passengers in the front right seat and in the back. At 23:59 I called 112 and described the situation.

The first to arrive at the scene were rescuers in a fire truck, they brought special tools. Around the same time, the same man in a red hoodie, the alleged driver, returned to the scene. He began to tell everyone gathered that there was a man who was unconscious in the front right seat (he died in an accident). The car smelled of alcohol, the alleged driver behaved inadequately.

An ambulance drove up, the man from the back seat was pulled out and they began to help him. The front passenger was found to have no pulse.

The traffic police were still not there. We call 020 at 00:23 – they answer, they say, wait. The alleged driver disappears from his seat, as if he was taken away by a second ambulance. The crew of the Russian Guard arrives, which probably happened to be nearby. There is still no traffic police, then there are calls to the police at 00:26, at 00:37. Well, that is, everyone has already gathered: the firefighters, and two ambulances, and the National Guard, and half of the district, but these guys are still missing from the shiny new Skoda-Octavia patrolmen.

And now, closer to one in the morning, the traffic police appears. The guys slowly walk around the broken crossover, without taking any active action. And as a result, their driver turns out to be unidentified. Thus, by not showing up at the scene of an accident on time, the police do not take measures to arrest the alleged culprit, do not question him, do not establish witnesses in hot pursuit, do not organize a medical examination properly.

And as a result, the culprit of this accident can evade criminal responsibility, get behind the wheel again and kill someone else. Or he will receive a lesser punishment, because he did not pass a medical examination for the state of intoxication.

And, by the way, the pillar into which the crossover crashed is badly dented, lopsided and, probably, is in disrepair, it can fall and kill someone else. But who from the city authorities would stir about this? The next day after the accident, the post is in the same condition, the remains of the demolished barriers are scattered on the spot.

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