Income of a bank fraudster — from 100 to 700 thousand rubles per day

I got into this area more than two years ago through a friend. My exact age is seventeen years old, my IQ is 189, — Sasha begins. In addition to BlaBlaCar, we use Avito, Yandex.Taxi, OLX, AliExpress, any delivery — CDEK, New Mail, Russian Post.

Anything where there is payment on the Internet. It is very convenient to use the delivery, since you can always nurse the «mammoths» (victims. — Ed. ), Feed them «breakfasts», for example, that they were delayed due to traffic jams or because they took a person.

We call the victims mammoths, because in the past, we received a lot from mammoths and their remains: food, a house, clothes. In general, we have the same. For us, people are food, home, clothing. Therefore, mammoths.

Every day I have more than a hundred dialogues with potential victims, and the BlaBlaCar project has more than 200 thousand dialogues in total. Over the past month, I earned 170 thousand dollars (more than 12.5 million rubles. — Editor’s note ), not counting the percentage of projects in which I am the leader. A platform like BlaBlaCar is called a project. In addition to BlaBlaCar, I work in three other projects: OLX (Ukrainian platform), Avito and AliExpress. BlaBlaCar and AliExpress generate the most revenue.

How money leaves the card

The mechanics of money withdrawal is quite simple: a person visits the site, enters the most common data — name, meeting place, and so on, then follows the link to the payment page and automatically enters card details, including CVV or CVC. We have a man named Pen. This is something like a short description of its functionality, it is responsible for all payments.

Until the victim had time to enter the 3-D Secure code (two-factor user authentication protocol, the most advanced technology for securing card payments on the Internet. — Ed. ), The Pen changes the starting price. For example, from 500 rubles to 10 thousand rubles. Then the victim enters this 3-D Secure code (it comes to the phone) and all the money goes into our pocket. The pen is very fast, adding only one or two zeros.

Everything is tailored to take the maximum amount of money from the victim’s account. There are banks that block cards, this happens when three or more payments are received for the same amount. Or the limit is exceeded: for example, with an amount of 40 thousand, the bank may block the card. In this case, we don’t bother and pour (we leave. — Ed. ), But if there is a large amount of money, then we begin to think.

After that I had to change my place of residence. I was not pursued, but I am paranoid and decided to play it safe.

How much do banking fraudsters earn

My earnings depend on what day I have and how many people I have gone through. The figure starts at 100 thousand rubles a day. The most successful day was when I withdrew 700 thousand. I don’t get all the money in my hands, only 80%. The remaining 20% ​​goes to the maintenance of the entire project. This amount includes the maintenance of the bot, proxy servers, team, BlaBlaCar accounts and domains.

I prefer to say that I steal from those who steal from the country. I’m not Robin Hood, I just love justice.

We take from those whose balance starts from 15-20 thousand rubles. These people, of course, do not steal from the country, but they do not live in poverty either. If you were saving up for something important, you would keep your money in bitcoins.

In addition to projects, we work with individuals. This is hacking accounts, searching for information about a person, a black notary. We do not deal with murders. The price depends on the amount of work: for example, a black notary costs from $ 2,000, information about a person — $ 500, hacking any account — $ 1,000. Everything is at the highest level, so prices bite. Once we broke the personal account in the bank of a member of the Bureau of the Supreme Council of United Russia. We found a lot of things there.

Poland, France, Russia — our geography. We also tried it in Germany, but it didn’t work. I prefer France, I go to Russia to laugh at how people smear me and say they will find me. Our team consists of the majority of Ukrainians, but this has nothing to do with the war in Donbass. It’s just difficult to get it from another country, but the majority of people in Ukraine know Russian.

“Yesterday we had 284 people in our team. One is a cripple, and the other does not remember his name «

Now our team employs 282 people aged 16 to 38 years. New people come to us only through acquaintances, they pass the IQ test. We take only those whose IQ is above 150. In addition, those who work with us must know at least three programming languages, be fluent in English, and have knowledge in psychology. I have an education in economics and psychology. We do not have KPIs (key performance indicators. — Ed. ) And a free schedule.

We have every man for himself, but at the same time everything is for each other. We say: «If you sit down and tell about us, we will find you.» Sometimes these threats have to be implemented, but for this I have special people. Yesterday we had 284 people in our team, but two left the team. To put it bluntly, one is a cripple, the other does not remember his name. They handed over our people in France. There they are struggling with this more globally. The French Navy’s special forces and marines have detained a couple of our guys.

I would not say that Russia is using any radical measures to combat this type of fraud. Nobody from our team who works only with Russia was detained. You can leave the team, but without spreading information about us. Only a few are leaving. All 282 people know each other, as in the village. It happens that we all meet together abroad, recently we like to fly to Bali. We see through each other’s bank accounts, but we don’t steal from our own. If my loved one became a victim of my colleague, I would return the money.

«I am not afraid that they will find me»

Now we are communicating with you through a disposable number, but the trick is not that. All my SMS pass through several hundred numbers and only then get to you. Robots transfer SMS from number to number until the message reaches the end. And so through a few hundred numbers. If you punch our phone through GetContact (caller identification service. — Ed. Note ), it will show: BlaBlaCar fraudster. This is due to the fact that on the same day that they were deceived, people send a complaint about the number to GetContact.

Also, for reassurance, we use a proxy that redirects everything through the servers of other countries, virtual machines, IP-address replacement, VPN.

So money is best kept in cash in a safe, there is no perfect protection. We ourselves store everything in bitcoins, but we do not withdraw large amounts. If you need money — take a little bit from bitcoin.

I am interested in people, their reactions and answers, but I do not like people. And this interest is not outweighed by dislike.

What to do to avoid becoming a mammoth

According to the press service of Avito, through which scammers are also looking for their victims, so that buying and selling goods on online platforms is safe, it is enough to follow a few simple rules:

1. Never transfer your bank card data to third parties (CVV / CVC code of a bank card or codes from SMS messages from a bank).

2. Do not follow links to external sites that are sent by other users, and in no case enter your data on such sites.

3. Never make an advance payment — neither full nor partial.

4. If the site has a built-in messenger, discuss the details of the transaction in it, and not by phone or WhatsApp.

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