Instead of fitness: three ski slopes within the city

Ski resorts within the city are open until late at night. NGS studied ski slopes within Novosibirsk

Spring is just around the corner, it seems that the streams are about to run and we will take off our hats. But until February, and in Siberia it is still the ski season. Therefore, it’s not even too late to open the season (what if you haven’t given up on this idea yet). Moreover, the mountains are close. Mountains, of course – it is loudly said, rather, slides.

But it is still possible to go downhill skiing or snowboarding within the boundaries of Novosibirsk. In December, we started a big series about ski resorts – we talked about Sheregesh, Tanay, Yugus. We also visited Yurmanka and two ski resorts in Gorny Altai.

In the new series, we will tell you how and where to ride without leaving the city.

Ski club “Inya”

The complex is located in the Oktyabrsky district, the landmark is the Klyuch-Kamyshenskoye Plateau. The trails go down to the bank of the Ini, and from the height of the hill a view of the built-up Pervomayka opens up. By the way, there are many gazebos and observation decks on the territory – the complex is oriented not only towards skiers and snowboarders. People are invited here to take a walk, have a barbecue, go to the bathhouse. Yes, you can just climb to the top of the mountain and look thoughtfully into the distance.

There are no chair lifts, so if you’re a beginner, get ready to master the drag lifts. There are three tracks of varying difficulty (the length of the tracks is from 350 to 500 meters, 600 meters is a training track). The difference in height is 85–100 meters. The main track is comfortable for beginners.

The complex is open from 10 am to 10 pm. On weekdays, a one-time rise costs 50 rubles, on weekends – 70. A subscription costs 500 rubles for 2 hours and 1000 – for 4. For children under 10 years old, the lift is free. Information about all climbs is stored on a proxy card, which must be bought for 50 rubles. Arriving on weekdays is also more profitable because of parking (on weekends they charge 100 rubles for it).

In general, in terms of infrastructure, “Inya” is not worse than popular suburban ski resorts. On the territory there are navigational maps that will help you not to get lost. There is a warm room with toilets. There are rental points with storage booths. It is not necessary to stock up in cash – there is a bank transfer.

The last ascent is 15 minutes before closing time. And you can rent equipment until 20:45. By the way, this year, as explained at the rental point, for obvious reasons, helmets, masks and gloves are not given out.

On weekdays, a set of alpine skis costs 200 rubles per hour, on weekends – 300 rubles. The price for a set of snowboards is 250 rubles per hour on weekdays and 350 rubles on weekends. The administration of the complex warns that “inventory is not issued to persons suspected of alcohol intoxication”, and the fine for losing a receipt for returning the inventory is 1,000 rubles.

The ski club offers to use the services of instructors – an hour costs 1100 rubles, if studying in pairs – 1600 for two.

There is a small diner in the Ini premises. So, if there is no traditional set of “thermos and buters”, you will not stay hungry. Sausage in dough costs 70 rubles, a small pizza – 100 rubles, rosehip with honey / ginger drink / non-alcoholic mulled wine is offered for 100 rubles.

The ski club can be reached by public transport. The choice is quite large: minibuses No. 11, 45, 63, buses: No. 13, 18, 31, 75. True, they all go from the center, from the “River Station”. From the left bank you will have to go with transfers.


This slide can be called a light version of the ski complex. It is in the same direction as Inya, in a pine forest on Vybornaya. In 2GIS, this place is simply called a lift. The length of the track is only 300 meters, there is a drag lift. You can ride every day from 11 to 22 hours, but you need to take into account that on weekdays there is a break from 16:00 to 18:30.

In the evening, the track is illuminated, so 40 minutes from the center by public transport – and you are on a hill overlooking the houses of the private sector of the Oktyabrsky district (when it’s dark, people with imagination may even find resemblance to a cozy alpine village).

They did not determine the price for a one-time rise and did the right thing – the slide is small, why complicate it. Lift prices are divided by time.

On weekdays for adults the price is 250 rubles per hour, on weekends – 300. For children (up to 13 years old inclusive): 150 rubles per hour on weekdays, 200 – on weekends. By the way, despite the intimate nature of the complex, there is a rental point here: a set for adults costs 300 rubles per hour on weekdays, 350 – on weekends. For children: 200 rubles per hour on weekdays, 250 on weekends.


In 2018, the Novosibirsk Gorsky snowboard park was included in the rating of the best in Russia – it took 8th place in the top 10 of the analytical agency TurStat. The track here is small, about 300 meters, but an interesting view is the metro bridge and the ice sports palace under construction. In general, here is a paradise for desperate snowboarders who love to fly on trampolines. The sports school of the Olympic reserve in alpine skiing is based on the territory of the complex. Therefore, when the question comes up – is it possible for mere mortals to ride there, many doubt or say that it is impossible.

In fact, you can, but under certain conditions. First you need to get accredited. This means listening to a safety lecture, the snowboard school said. Lectures are held twice a week – on Mondays and Wednesdays at 19:00. There will be a little test after it.

– It’s just that at the end of the contract there are safety rules that you sign. But rarely anyone reads them, – the administration explained the requirements. – We did a test so that people could get familiar with it. We read it, completed the test, checked ourselves. And we also tell it all out loud, pronounce it. If there are a lot of people, it will take 40 minutes in time, if not enough, then 15-30 minutes.

After all the procedures, leave the contract, in 2-3 days the card will be ready (it costs 300 rubles, payment upon receipt). The card will be valid for the next seasons. And this is three in one – a pass through the turnstile to the lift, a pass to the territory and entry by car through the barrier.

You can come to ride on weekdays from 19 to 22 hours, on Saturday – from 10 to 22, on Sunday – from 12 to 22. There are two drag lifts. One rise costs 40 rubles, if you take 100, you get 35 rubles, 200 – 30 rubles, 1000 – 15 rubles (but such a subscription is valid only until the end of the season, the ups are not carried over to the next season). It should also be borne in mind that the card is only for one person, it will not be possible to transfer it to a friend.

To hone your snowboarding skills, you can use the services of an instructor (1,500 rubles per hour). The pistes are illuminated, so the snowboard park and all the evening slides can easily replace an evening workout in the gym. But let’s not argue – everything is for an amateur.

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