Lukashenko noted the contribution of «people in uniform» to the security of Belarus

Employees of the law enforcement agencies of Belarus have successfully defended statehood. This was stated by the President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko in his New Year’s greetings.

«People in uniform warned our enemies: the defense of the state, public security will be ensured resolutely and without hesitation!» — said the head of state.

He also called on Belarusians to turn the page of history, build a new future and make 2021 the year of national unity. At the same time, he emphasized the role of the security forces in preserving national security and the defense of the state.

He called the past year bright and original, forcing “Belarusians to seek answers to eternal questions:“ Who are we? ”,“ What will happen to us, our children? ”,“ Where are we going? ” and «What do we want?»

Lukashenko noted that many want to return the country to the way it was a year ago. “I, of course, am glad that you appreciated what you have achieved, but we will not return to the past. We have no time to go back and go through the past. We will definitely create the Belarus of the future, and it will be better than the current one, ”the President said.

Rogozin announced the sending of astronauts to the Moon in 2028

The new Russian spacecraft «Eagle» is scheduled to go to the Moon with astronauts on board in 2028. This was told by the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin in an interview with the Russia 24 TV channel.

According to him, after sending the Luna-27 spacecraft to the Earth’s satellite, the state corporation will begin testing the lunar takeoff and landing module. “And then, in 2028, we have to send a crew to fly around the Moon, in 2030 to land our crew on the Moon,” Rogozin said.

The head of Roscosmos said that the mock-up of the Orel spacecraft for static tests had already been assembled by the Energia corporation. Rogozin noted a significant difference between the Russian ship — powerful thermal protection. «It can return to Earth at the second cosmic speed — not 8, but 11 km / s.»

The reusable manned spacecraft «Eagle» (originally named «Federation») has been under development since 2009. It was planned that he would come to replace the Soyuz and automatic ships from the Progress series. However, later the ship was reoriented to the Russian lunar program.

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