Members of the Metalist cooperative suffer from a new park in the Kamenka floodplain

While walking around Novosibirsk on every third garage you can see the inscription «Demolish to …». As a rule, such buildings have stood for years under the watchful eye of their owners. However, the members of the garage cooperative «Metallist» turned out differently.

Siberian Alexander Kuzovlev told in a column how they are trying to demolish their garages and what will happen in the vacated space.

In 2022, it is planned to build a park zone in the floodplain of the Kamenka River. In this regard, we, members of the garage cooperative «Metallist», which is located behind the house number 12 on Yesenin Street, found ourselves in a desperate situation.

On January 23, everyone was urgently called to a meeting in the cold, the chairman of the garage cooperative told us that we needed to clean up the garages. At the same time, early in the morning, «messages from the mayor’s office» were pasted on each garage. We were introduced to a person from the Dzerzhinsk administration, who waved his identity card, but could not really explain anything. The representative of the alleged developer, also referring to this «message from the mayor’s office,» summed up that it is time for people to vacate the territory as quickly as possible.

Once these garages were moved here, making room for the construction of the Siberian Mall. Then people were warned in advance, 6 months in advance. Now what? So far, neither the administration of the Dzerzhinsky district, nor the mayor’s office have provided us with any official document. But incomprehensible people literally flooded the garage society. They massively buy up, cut these garages, take them out along the road between the playground and the 8th and 9th entrances of the house at 12 Yesenin Street. This road is an adjoining territory and is not intended for the passage of self-cargo trucks and KAMAZ trucks that destroy the road surface. Moreover, only in 2019 there was a major overhaul of the local road.

Piles of rubbish, devastation, just a terrible situation in garage society. When the snow melts, it’s even scary to imagine what will happen there. Garbage is not taken out, old tires and pieces of wood are burned, all the soot flies to residential buildings. Residents of the house are constantly calling firefighters. People are misled, in a panic they sell garages for next to nothing. It is impossible to be in your own garage, because incomprehensible personalities endlessly approach and do not seem to threaten, but have a psychological effect … The chairman of the garage cooperative gave all the personal data of the cooperative members to these people, we are shocked.

We understand everything, we don’t mind the park, but provide us with official documents and give people time at least until summer, when it gets warmer, so that they can take things to the country house or find an alternative to these garages. We ask for help in understanding the current situation.

Earlier we wrote where else in the city squares will appear. So, in Novosibirsk there will be another park near the ObGES — an area for skaters will be equipped in it. And they want to officially make that very controversial site near Siberia-Hokkaido a public garden (earlier they planned residential development there).

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