Military unfinished construction in Berdsk decided to sell for 60 million

DOM.RF put up for sale a long-term military construction in Berdsk. It was supposed to be a home for military personnel, but construction stopped in 2008 and nothing has changed on the site since then.

The federal agency DOM.RF has announced a tender for an unfinished residential building with a plot of almost 2 hectares — the lot is located on Pionerskaya Street in Berdsk. The auction is scheduled for March 15, 2021, and the initial cost is set at 60.9 million rubles.

There is no information on the degree of readiness of the unfinished L-shaped house in the characteristics of the property. The photo shows that these are two panel 5-storey wings with a roof and an unfinished brick insert between them, while unfinished communications are not provided.

— According to the technical passport of the BTI, structural elements were erected: foundation, external and internal walls, partitions, stairs, pits, loggias and porches (structural elements: foundation — reinforced concrete; material of the outer walls — reinforced concrete, brick; floors — reinforced concrete slabs). In addition, an unfinished brick building of a small area, a foundation, parts of unfinished structures are located on the land plot, as indicated in the description of the lot.

According to the auction documents, not a single share participation agreement was registered in the long-term construction.

Together with the unfinished house, they are selling land with a total area of ​​19.3 thousand square meters. At the same time, the documents note that the site is located within the boundaries of the restricted area, and the permitted use of land is to ensure defense and security. According to the Wikimapia project, which DOM.RF refers to, the house was built for employees of the RF Armed Forces.

Last year, the unfinished construction was in the center of the conflict between the Ministry of Defense and the bankruptcy manager of the bankrupt StroyMontazh company, which was building the house under a government contract, Konstantin Dybchik. As RBC wrote, the manager, according to the department, illegally included the unfinished house in the bankruptcy estate of the company and assigned himself a reward of 1.6 million rubles. The Ministry of Defense assessed the impossibility because of this to finish building the house at 124.4 million rubles and accused the manager of abuse of authority.

At the same time, the necessary documents were not drawn up for the long-term construction: the site was not formally allocated and a building permit was not issued, therefore it was included in the bankruptcy estate of the bankrupt developer as a set of building materials. The right of the Ministry of Defense to unfinished construction was recognized through the courts in 2017, when all the formalities were completed. The October court found Konstantin Dybchik not guilty of abuse of power.

Last year, it became known about the plans of DOM.RF to sell part of the territory of the Military Town — the auction is planned for the end of 2021.

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